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Affordable Alternatives to the TRX Suspension Trainer


Bodyweight training gear for home gym#1 Recommendation – Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit with Pro Straps

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Last Updated: 31st January 2023

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Choose the Best Suspension Trainer

There are many different suspension training equipment in the market. Which one holds strong? Which one has the best padded grip? Is TRX the only recommended suspension trainer in the market today?

Popular among those wanting to train resistance, bodyweight or pilates, the TRX suspension trainer is strong, durable and effective. Everyone agrees that TRX is the best when it comes to suspension training straps, and with the all-in-one TRX bundle, it’s now a cost-effective investment that compliments all bodyweight training.

Looking for affordable alternatives to the TRX Suspension Trainer? Worry not, we’ve got you covered with cheaper TRX alternatives and printable trx bodyweight workouts available in the market today for a FRACTION of the price! Shop Now for all of our best selling fitness products!

Expand Your Home Gym with a Pull Up Bar Dip Station



Deciding to expand your home gym? We suggest you start with a pull up bar.

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Choose the Best Hanging Ab Straps

Want to build abs? Ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? It’s true. Your diet plays a key component in revealing your abs, but make sure your abs are ready to be revealed in the right away. Work your abs like any other muscle in the body, and the best exercises in our playbook include variations of hanging leg & knee raises.

Don’t let your arms decide when you are done. Get yourself a quality pair of hanging ab straps and make sure you OWN your abs!

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Affordable Suspension Training Equipment:

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TRX Suspension Trainer Alternatives

The TRX suspension trainer carries an expensive price tag, and it can be a very troublesome challenge to find a budget friendly alternatives that is just as strong, durable and effective. We have done the dirty work of identifying the cheapest but high quality alternatives that you can start working out with instead of the TRX & never feel the difference.


The Top 3 BEST Alternatives to the TRX Suspension Trainer

#1 – Metaball Suspension Trainer for Home Gym

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Key Features

  • Premium workout pro straps with high tensile 1.5 inch webbing strength
  • Setup guide included
  • Holds up to 350 lbs
  • Maximum length: 7 feet
  • Buckle strap adjustments
  • Anchors to door, tree, rafter beam, pull up bars, power racks or other solid structures
  • Quick attach carabiners
  • Lightweight and easy to carry (Carry bag included)
  • 100% lifetime replacement guarantee
 Reasons for winning the #1 position 
  • In-built re-inforced door anchors (does not damage door due to round cylindrical knobs)
  • Multiple Anchoring Options for Variety of Exercises
  • Unbeatable Price (50$)


Below is a summary of what most customers say good, bad or worse about the Body-weight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit

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Most customers found the main advantage to be the price. It’s half the price of the TRX whilst matching the quality standards. Some claim it to be better than the TRX itself but that could be a simple exaggeration out of sheer excitement of owning a pair of suspension straps that saves you a whopping 50% or more in comparison to the Original TRX suspension trainer.

Another benefit of this product is the sturdiness and durability. Although many suspension trainers claim to hold more than 500 to 1000 lbs, the creators of the Body-weight fitness trainer kit decided to stay humble by claiming to support upto 350 lbs, which it does perfectly according the claims made by most customers.

The soft foam door anchor is one of the key advantages of this product. Not only does it protect the door edges and the door frame, it’s also an incredible simple concept that makes the door anchor more sturdy and stronger than the usual anchor systems used in other suspension straps. This gives the Bodyweight trainer kit a whole new advantage over other suspension trainers.

What most customers DO complain is about the lack of a X-Mount or an anchor to mount the straps to the wall or ceiling, but the TRX does not come with an X-Mount either. The original X-Mount is quite expensive but now you can find cheaper alternatives for the mount itself. That being said, one must understand TRX at it’s original price does not come with an X-Mount and the best alternative so far, the Bodyweight Fitness Trainer kit, at fraction of the price does not come with a X-Mount either. It’s not fair to expect more out of a cheaper alternative when the benefit is already visible.

The dual straps is another great plus point of the product according to some reviews since it allows for more ranges of motion you couldn’t get with the single strap motion.

For example: Suspension strap pushups can be performed with better quality when the straps are apart unlike the single strap version.

Overall, the Bodyweight Fitness Trainer kit is a great alternative to the TRX suspension straps. Not only is it cheaper, but it has a few key features up its sleeve that makes it appear more beneficial than the Original TRX itself.

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#2 –Lifeline Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit

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Key Features

  • Built from High Quality Nylon
  • Comfortable & non-slip lay flat handles
  • No-rub cam bucklers
  • Upgraded webbing, sewing with strong seams
  • Holds up to 400lbs
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Multiple Anchoring Options for Variety of Exercises
  • Free Exercise Book with over 300 exercises
  • Extension strap for added resistance to perform more variety of exercises
  • White markings on the strap makes it easy to remember the level of resistance used for each exercise – perfect solution for progressive overload training.


The key benefit highlighted by most customers of the lifeline Bodyweight Fitness Training Kit is the strength and durability of the product. Not only is it made from high quality webbing, but it has fulfilled its claim of being able to support up to 400lbs.

There is a slight difficulty to figure out how to use the extension straps for the first time, but the creators of the lifeline suspension trainer are pretty quick at responding to any messages you send to them using the Contact option at The quick response by the creators is a beautiful feature that most customers praise about the product.

There are some reviews by customers who have used the product for longer than a month and it’s all praises about the value for money in comparison to its original alternative, the TRX suspension trainer. It’s very rare to find actual negative feedback about this product.

We could find only 2 to 3 negative reviews, and most of them don’t stand fair to be called a review.

One customer had given a one-star rating for not including an X-Mount. Even the TRX training kit does not include an X-Mount, so that’s not a fair opinion.

Another negative review was based on the assumption that the straps are too thin. The customer is afraid to use it. It could be a fair review, if actually tested and the weight doesn’t hold for real.

Editor Review:

What we DO like about the lifeline resistance straps is the simple line stripes. When lifting weights, it’s easy to track progress by recording how much you lifted on the previous workout. It was difficult to do that with the TRX. This product however has the white stripes, which can easily help you mark which line was previously used to perform the movement. It’s not a 100% accurate way of tracking your progress, but this is a wonderful step in that direction.

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KEAFOLS Fitness Training Pro Suspension Training Kit

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  • Super Strong and Sturdy Suspension Straps Trainer
  • Easily Adjustable Strap Lengths & Fairly Effective
  • High quality thicken straps for durability, non-slip EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam grip
  • Re-Inforced Universal Door Anchor
  • Door Anchor: Slip over any standard home or office door.


– I’ve used the branded TRX straps at gyms and this one is not a noticeably lesser quality. Definitely worth the savings. – A Verified Customer Review at

– Solid piece of hardware and material for the home gym. A little too weighty and bulky to take on the road though.- A Verified Customer Review at

– Was easy to adjust and set up. This is perfect for my to de whilst watching tv in evening. It’s easy to hook over the door is padded so won’t damage it.- A Verified Customer Review at

We hope this page was helpful in helping you decide on the right set of suspension straps to suit your requirement.. It’s time to avoid excuses and start with your fitness plan as fast as possible.

Is TRX – the Original Worth it?

YES! The original TRX is worth going for in our opinion if you want the following benefits:

– The quality and feel of the product
– The 35 page Workout guide, with DVD & App
– The padded door anchor
– Registration to the official TRX site with access to videos and other training material

BUT, some of us (or many of us) don’t care about these add-ons. We may have our own workout routines or trainers to work with. We just need a suspension trainer to get the benefits out of suspension training. TRX may just be too expensive for our budget.

Justified below in detail are our recommended alternatives – cheaper than the TRX – my preferred shopping site. They are almost a quarter to 1/3rd of the price, and they still get the job done.