Suspension fitness training is one of the hottest exercise trends right now, so we wanted to break down 5 of the best benefits you can get from the training.

If you’ve spent any time around fitness you’ll have seen the trend towards suspension fitness training.

But 80% of people who join a gym in January leave within 5 months. Can suspension training be the answer to keeping people committed?

It’s a brilliant workout that involves using your own body weight to engage all of your muscles. It’s excellent for weight loss, improving fitness, or working on your muscle tone.

Read on to discover 5 other benefits.

1) It’s a great training for all levels

Expert athletes and complete beginners can all get the benefit of suspension fitness training. You can change the loads on your muscles by simply altering your position.

You can even get more out of the same exercises, just by changing your angle to the floor. More upright exercises are easier, but you can challenge yourself by getting closer to floor-level.

It also means you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. All you need is the two adjustable bands and your own body weight.

You can set up your system anywhere and enjoy the benefits. You can even take your system on vacation and enjoy your training routine away from home.

A pull up dip station would fill the need for pull ups and there are cheaper options as well, but nothing triggers your stabilizer muscles like balancing on suspension straps.

2) Enjoy better cardio and strength

If you speed up the exercises, you can enjoy a more cardio based workout. That’s on top of the benefits to your muscle strength.

Being able to quickly switch from one exercise to the next also helps you keep your heart rate up.

The movements you perform cause your body to become unstable, which prompts your core to engage. That will help you to perform better away from your exercise regime too.

It’s a more comprehensive form of workout.

3) Suspension fitness training is naturally low impact

If you have joint problems, some forms of exercise can be a real issue. Even if you don’t, the jarring nature of a lot of exercises can cause unnecessary damage.

But the suspension means your joints are under less stress. So you can train as hard as you want without worrying about causing injuries.

You can also train without aggravating existing injuries.

4) It’s more exciting than the gym

Gym routines get monotonous. And when you get bored, you can lose motivation.

Suspension fitness training works will with many other training routines. So you can mix things up and get excited about your fitness again.

You can also train more easily as part of a group. Research has shown that people who work out with others lose more weight when they exercise with others.

So you can cheer each other on and enjoy the social side of exercise.

5) It’s more effective than other forms of training

More traditional resistance training tends to target one main muscle at a time. But it’s not natural to work muscles in isolation.

Using suspension fitness training helps you to use the small stabilizer muscles as well. You need them to provide balance and that in turn improves your coordination.

Maybe you’ve had problems with a regular gym routine. Or perhaps you just want to try something that works your muscles in a more efficient way.