Getting a TRX certification is a great way of taking your fitness journey to the next level.


Whether you’re just an enthusiast or an already certified personal trainer, getting a certification in TRX or suspension training will take you to the next level.


Not only will a certification deepen your knowledge of this form of exercising, but it will also add legitimacy to your path in fitness, providing, in many cases, certificates upon competition.


So, without further ado, here is a summarized table of our favorite courses:

We’ve personally purchased and tried each and every course in this list, so please bear in mind that this is our own personal opinion based on our goals and style of training.


TRX Suspension Training Certification Review


  • Investment cost: Under 300$
  • Certified by: TRX
  • Continuing Education Credits: NASM 0.7, ACE 0.7, AFAA 7.0, AFLCA (CAN) 7.0, Can Fit Pro 4.0, NESTA 0.8, PTA Global 7.0, ISSA 7.0, IYCA 3.5, BCRPA 7.0, Fitness Australia 7.0, PA Australia 2.0, SkillsActive REPS 8.0, and REPS 9.0.
  • Delivery: In person, all over the U.S.A
  • Course Duration: 8 hours / 1 day


Our first suggestion comes right from the horse’s mouth. TRX’s own courses are, in our opinion, the very best in the industry.


If you’re looking for an introductory course that doesn’t delve too much into complicated topics of sports science, then this is a great option.


It requires a considerable investment but won’t break your bank.


It’s great for already certified or knowledgeable personal trainers who just want to add a certification to your portfolio to add an extra level of trust to your practice.


This course goes over some basic exercises / movements, such as:

  • Push Exercises
  • Pull Exercises
  • Rotations
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Mobility


After attending this certification you’ll have a very solid base to deliver complete workouts to your clients or yourself.



TRX Advanced Group Training Certification Review

  • Investment cost: Under 1 000$
  • Certified by: TRX
  • Continuing Education Credits: ACE 1.6, AFAA 15, NASM 1.8 (ACSM accepts ACE CECs), PTA Global 18.0 and Canfitpro4.0
  • Delivery: In person, all around the U.S.A
  • Course Duration: 2 full days



There are many great courses on offer for the hobbyist suspension trainer, but if you want the most complete TRX certification, the Advanced Group Training course is the way to go.


The course takes 2 full days (from 8 am to 5pm) to complete. If you miss more than 90 minutes of classes, you will not be eligble for the certificate of CEC.


This is by far the most complete TRX course out there, which will teach you:

  • The TRX training methodology and how to apply it to suspension training and other forms of trainings
  • How to deliver TRX group classes whilst maintaining a personalized approach
  • How to identify and correct common positioning and form issues associated with the TRX.
  • And much more.


Certified TRX trainers are eligible for discounts on all TRX products. Not only that, but they’ll give you a certificate upon completion and what better way to add credibility in the TRX industry by getting a diploma from TRX themselves.




American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer (NCAA / EuropeActive) Certification Review



  • Investment cost: Under 1 000$
  • Certified by: ACE / NCAA / EuropeActive
  • Delivery: Online course, in-person exam at the end
  • Course Duration: Self-paced, exam registration must be done within 6 months of enrolling.


The TRX company is the only reputable source of TRX specific certifications that we are aware of. (psst- if we’re missing one, let us know in the comment section at the end of the article)


However, getting certified as a personal trainer represents 90% of the journey towards becoming a competent TRX instructor.


This will give you a solid foundation on which to start your TRX training career.


Doing a certification with ACE will make you a NCAA and EuropeActive certified personal trainer. This is the standard license required by most gyms and practices in the U.S and Europe, respectively.


You can also combine the courses provided by the TRX company with this course, as they contribute to Continuing Education Credits (CECs).




TRX Suspension Training Basic Certification Review

  • Investment cost: Under 100$
  • Certified by: TRX
  • Continuing Education Credits: Canfitpro 2.0; PTA Global 4.0; ACE 0.3; NASM 0.3, and, AFAA 3.0;
  • Delivery: 100% Online
  • Course Duration: Self-paced.

If you’re looking for an online only course, the TRX suspension training basics course should be your choice.


As the name suggests, it covers the basics of TRX training, though it’s quite extensive. You’ll learn about:


  • Setting up the TRX
  • Basic strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises
  • How to modify exercises to increase or decrease intensity
  • How to coach students on TRX exercises and progressions
  • TRX professional opportunities.


Within 24 hours of enrolling, you’ll get a workbook and access to a library of videos to get you started and upon competition, you will receive a certificate of completion.



Cali Move Mobility course Review


This course is in a topic adjacent to TRX training. It relates more to calisthenics, a form of training that encompasses using only your own body weight- No machines allowed.


Suspension training can in fact be considered calisthenics and for that reason, and due to the impressive quality of the content, we’ve decided to include this course.


Also, as TRX owns the trademarks for anything TRX related, you probably won’t find any other courses online, so we thought we’d add a couple of bodyweight / movement courses to add a bit of choice.


Cali move is a leading voice in the calisthenics movement and for good reason. They’ve been putting on consistently good content on nutrition, bodyweight exercise, rest, and even the occasional TRX related content.


Their mobility course is a great introductory course to their philosophy and offers a great perspective on how to start calisthenics and suspension training whilst minimizing injury risk.


It also offers great advice on nutrition and related topics.





Final Thoughts


Investing in a TRX certification is a no-brainer.


Some of the courses listed above will set you back under 100$ and will greatly improve the way you train, as well as add credibility to your training business, in case you have one.


Other will require larger time and financial investments, but will give you larger returns- Remember, a course will only give you what you put into it.


We hope that this article has helped you choose the best course and as always, we’re here to help with any doubts.


If you’re looking for a free TRX workout, please check this page.