TRX has revolutionized suspension training, making workouts more effective, more intense, and more versatile than ever before. With various TRX systems on the market to suit different needs, working out from anywhere has never been easier.

Suspension workouts use bodyweight resistance combined with high repetition training to create high-intensity workouts for all experience levels.

Developed for portable, lightweight military training, the TRX suspension training system has since become mainstream and accessible to anyone looking to spice up their fitness routines and exceed their current potential.

What is a Suspension Training Extender?

For those who have already purchased their first TRX system, you may have found that there can be minor limitations in regards to attachment options.

For example, if your local park consists of only large trees, attaching a suspension trainer without extenders around the large base might prove difficult.

Similarly, if your garage only has high overhead ceiling attachments, you might need additional length to set up your ideal home gym.

For these reasons, TRX has come out with a few accessories to allow for more flexible attachment options, making it easier to set up the system where you please.

In this article, we cover a few of the official TRX extender products and some alternative products that have also been shown to be effective.

Best TRX Extender Accessory Options

TRX Xtender

Designed for pesky anchor points that are too high to too wide, the TRX Xtender increases the range of attachment for the TRX suspension trainer. At 37” in length and able to be joined together with multiple TRX Xtenders for additional length, the Xtender provides limitless options add-on range.

Made with quality and strength in mind, the Xtender can create more versatility and flexibility without compromising the structural integrity, or effectiveness of a workout.

Buying this base product from TRX guarantees quality and compatibility with your current TRX system. If using a non-TRX suspension trainer, check attachments to ensure proper use. 

TRX Suspension Anchor

The TRX Suspension Anchor allows users to use overhead attachments of 7-9 ft, providing a durable anchoring system that is easy to set up.

Consisting of a carabiner on one end and a reinforced strap on the other, simply attach the anchor around an overhead point and attach your suspension trainer to it.

This product can be used with or without the previously mentioned TRX Xtender and combined for additional length.

Extender Alternatives

For those who do not have easy access to the TRX products or are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, some non-TRX extenders can help to establish a greater number of anchor points. Note that any non-TRX products carry (or don’t carry) unique conditions and warranty, so be sure to research a third-party product properly before purchase.

Fitness Health Extending Belt Strap

This easy to use strap measures just under 27” and has two D-ring attachments on either end to quickly attach to a suspension training system.

With a slightly lower price point than the official TRX Extender, it is a good option for someone looking for an effective alternative.

While the nylon is reinforced, the dual D-ring construction could be cause for concern with extended use. Each D-ring is tested to hold 100kg of resistance only.

Bodylastics Resistance Attachment

Like the TRX Xtender, the Bodylastics attachment does not have D-rings but instead has two nylon loops that come together to secure the suspension trainer.

This puts the tension directly on the strong nylon, which has been tested to withstand over 400 lbs of tension. Measuring 43” long, it’s one of the longest extenders available.

Customer reviews of this product are very positive, with most users happy with the durability, strength, and quality of materials. The price, however, does not differ dramatically from the official TRX Xtender.


If you have run into limitations in securing your suspension training system, an extender accessory could help to create the versatility you’re looking for.

With both official TRX and other effective off-brand products available, it’s easy to ensure you have a reliable anchoring option, no matter where you are.

For those who have not yet purchased a TRX system or other suspension trainer, many packages come complete with an extender and can save you time and money when you’re faced with a less than ideal anchor point.

It’s always better to be prepared, especially if you plan on making your TRX system the go-to for workouts anywhere, any time.