When you’re looking for a TRX poster, you want something that not only brightens up your walls but provides valuable, versatile workout ideas.

If you’re struggling to find a great TRX poster, you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place!

In this list, we’ve included a range of poster styles at a range of prices to suit you.

5 Great TRX Posters

1. NewMe Fitness: Laminated Suspension Exercise Poster

The NewMe Fitness TRX poster is definitely the option to choose if you struggle to remember the steps of a move.

Not only does it contain over 40 fundamental exercises for each body part but it contains a break down of how to perform them. This is a great poster to stick on the wall to remind you of which exercises to pair together and it’s even endorsed by personal trainers.

In terms of practicalities, the lamination on the poster is awesome because, let’s be honest, home gyms can get more than a little sweaty!

At just under $20, this poster is on the higher end of the price spectrum but is certainly good value for money.

2. QuickFit Suspension Workouts and Muscular System Anatomy Poster Set

If you are looking for more of a breakdown on how to create a really effective, scientifically based workout, this poster set is a great option.

For less than $11, you will get two posters- one is a key outline of all the essential suspension movements and the other is an anatomy diagram.

The poster with the list of exercises contains every single fundamental TRX movement as well as a few lesser known exercises but the anatomy diagram can actually be super useful in a gym space too. We’re not suggesting that you’ll want a full biology lesson whilst completing your workout, of course, and anyway some of the smaller text is a little difficult to read.

It can, however, often be great to focus your mind on the specific muscles that you are targeting since this is proven to increase results. Having an anatomy diagram serves as a great reminder of which muscles you are working on and how to direct your attention towards them.

3. Eazy How To Suspension Cables Exercise Workout Banner Poster

If you’re only just beginning with your TRX journey, this is definitely the option to go for.

It is a little more pricey at $25 but it can really be considered a beginner’s essential. The Eazy How To poster contains clear diagrams that are easy to see even from a distance away.

Again, they are split up by body part and the poster also incorporates information about reps and sets as well as a small anatomy diagram which is great. The only thing to note about this poster is that it is printed onto fabric which means that you can’t put it somewhere where it’ll be touched a lot or it might start to fray.

At 73cm x 51 cm, this poster will fit on any wall but be large enough to keep your attention mid workout.

4. QonQuill 2 Pack – Suspension Exercise Poster

This poster suits every type of TRX user- from people who have mastered the basic moves but need ideas on routines to those who are very well experienced and just looking for ideas to mix up their workouts.

The QonQuill TRX poster set contains a total of 62 exercises. There are two posters.

One of the posters divides up the movements by body part whilst the other structures exercises into circuit-based routines. The poster has difficulty indicators which are really helpful. However, many of these routines are suitable for even beginner TRX users which is definitely not to say that they’re easy…!

If you follow this poster you would definitely notice your fitness improving from week to week. The QonQuill poster is just $15 and is tear-proof which means you don’t need to worry about keeping it near you while you train.

5. Stack 52 Suspension Exercise Poster: Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises

If you are looking for a poster that outlines an even clearer model of TRX training progression, this is ideal. Not only does it contain an impressive number of individual exercises- 118 to be precise- but it splits these movements into detailed categories.

These categories are based not only on body part but also on four difficulty levels which range from beginner to expert. The periodic table style layout means that it only takes a matter of seconds to find the ideal workout to suit you on a particular day.

This is the largest poster on the list, at 45 x 31 inches, which can be impractical in some spaces but is also amazing if you are looking for a TRX poster that is super clear to see.

This poster also boasts a number of other benefits… Not only does it come with a money back guarantee but it goes above and beyond to help you out during your training.

Simply scan the QR codes on the exercise to watch quick video tutorials! At just less than $20, we’d definitely say that this is the best TRX poster currently on the market…

A Guide To The Best TRX Posters

Of course, the best TRX poster for you will definitely depend on what stage of training you’re at and what type of poster you are looking for in terms of style and material!

Whilst we have indicated our top choice, we have also made sure to include a great range to suit a number of specifications and a number of budgets.

Any of these posters will work super effectively to improve your TRX workout and ensure that you spend less time staring into space trying to remember that next movement…