TRX this, TRX that. This system is fastly becoming the talk of the gym, and it’s not by coincidence. As more and more emphasis is put on calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training, people are starting to understand the benefits and ease of use these types of workouts bring. For step by step systems, exercises and training videos, check out our bodyweight course here. 

TRX training systems focus on suspension training that uses bodyweight and gravitational resistance to build strength, stability, and flexibility.

Regardless of your fitness goal, TRX can be used to target various goals, from muscle gains to physiotherapy. Due to their versatility, these products are often incorporated into workout classes, professional fitness routines, and home gyms. They are used regularly by professional athletes, military personnel, and personal trainers.

And with minimal equipment needed, people have never been given such a chance to flex their creativity and keep their workouts fresh.

For those who are either brand new to TRX, or for those who are looking to up their game and dedicate part of their home gym or facility to TRX training, we have you covered. In this article, we are going to cover a few options available for TRX racks and mounting systems that could prove ideal for your setup.

Easy Wall Mounts

Before we get into heavy-duty stuff, let’s go over a few mounts for beginners, or for those who want to start up a small home gym. These mounts can be installed easily, and don’t break the bank. We have covered these before, so for more detail check out our blog about TRX Anchoring Ideas. 

TRX X-Mount

Just a basic wall mount to be drilled into a load-bearing wall or ceiling beam. It can be used easily for all TRX programs and is a perfect conversation starter.

TRX Invizi-Mount

As the name suggests, this subtle mounting plate can be attached to a load-bearing wall beam and used as a picture frame when not seeing TRX action. A great way to repurpose a small space.

TRX Door Anchor

Easily attach your TRX system to a sturdy door by placing this door anchor over the top of it, closing it and locking it. Perfect for mobile workouts, hotel room routines, or a home gym.

Advanced TRX Racks for the Home Gym

KT Men’s Pullup Bar

Creatively designed, this portable stand can be folded up and moved around easily. It provides a great balance between structural support and accessibility.

This product is well built with strong alloy steel and will hold significant weight due to its triangular shape. 

While this rack is designed and named a pullup bar , it is also a functional rack for TRX exercises and gives you the mobility other options do not. It’s a bit bulky to take to the park (even though you could manage it), but it’s perfect for a backyard workout to enjoy the fresh air.

TRX Multi-Mount

Available online directly from TRX, this rack is made of commercial-grade steel and is built specifically to support top-down load-bearing and suspension training. Priced by length (7 feet = 3 possible suspension trainers), it is a great option for the home gym. Buying direct from TRX ensures warranty and proper setup instructions.

Hulkfit Multi-function Adjustable Power Rack

The Hulkfit multi-function rack is actually what it sounds like. It’s a multi-functional machine.

For those who are incorporating TRX into an already established weight training regimen, the Hulkfit is a perfect addition to the home gym.

Constructed of 12 gauge steel, it has a weight capacity of 800 lbs, two pullup bars, two spotter arms/dip bars, and two J-Hooks for weight bars. This means lots of TRX attachments for various exercises.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

The Fitness Reality Power Cage provides a large walk-in space and a sturdy overhead environment. Adjustable height allows for versatility in TRX attachment lengths.

With a weight capacity similar to the Hulkfit (800 lbs), it provides plenty of structural strength for resistance training. It’s big, strong, versatile, and optional attachments (dip bars, overhead bars, J-Hooks) can all be purchased separately.

Commercial Racks and Mounts

For those who are leveling up to a formidable home gym, personal training studio or commercial facility, TRX Commercial offers some incredible products and a ton of support. While these options might be a bit intimidating for those just starting out, they can provide a bit of eye-candy of what to look forward to.

TRX S-Frame

Available in 5-foot increments up to a maximum of 30 feet long, this S-Frame can support up to 22 TRX suspension trainers at one time. The space-efficient design makes it ideal for running TRX classes and workshops. Commercial-grade steel ensures its top market quality.

TRX Studio Line

Proclaimed a “state of the art training zone”, the TRX studio line-bridges are highly customizable, providing ideal space usage, aesthetic and functionality.

These systems are ideal for new fitness centers looking to hit the ground running, and provide cutting edge equipment to their guests.

They are big and expensive, but you get what you pay for.


From beginner lever TRX training to commercial enterprises, we have covered it all. Remember, TRX racks are not always necessary.

Being able to make use of outdoor equipment, wall mounts and door mounts is a huge advantage of purchasing a TRX suspension training system.

But for those who are interested in combining TRX with a more serious weight training routine, that will require a more complex home gym setup, hopefully some of these options will come in handy.

When searching for home gym equipment that can be repurposed as TRX racks, keep in mind the availability of attachment, the overhead height, and the weight limit.

For some free-standing racks that may not be strong enough, it may be necessary to bolt them into the ground, or to add free weights at the base for extra stability.