If you’re looking for a program that will help you accomplish your fitness goals while not having to dramatically change your lifestyle, the TRX system is designed for you.

Suspension training is gaining momentum in the fitness community, providing the perfect balance of effective training and mobile and flexible routine.

From high-intensity workouts to business trip hotel routines, TRX has something for everyone.

Developed in 1997 by US NAVY Seal  Commander Randy Hetrick, the main intention was to provide himself and his fellow soldiers’ effective military-grade workouts anywhere. Over the last 20 years, these programs have evolved and grown into mainstream fitness in which customers with varied goals are able to achieve progress with minimal equipment and self-pacing.

TRX systems are minimalistic, durable, and highly portable.

As the TRX movement continues to expand, products are being designed to cater to specific sports while still addressing the needs of foundational training.

When you start out with TRX, it can be daunting to try and learn the ins and outs of your new system. Even if you are an experienced athlete, leaning a new system takes some patience.

For many, finding an in-person TRX training program can be difficult and expensive. Luckily, there are various resources for online TRX training programs to assist with all levels of TRX training, from beginners to personal trainers.

So get your TRX Suspension trainer ready, and be ready to start working. Here are some of the best online TRX programs to get you working towards the results you desire.

Programs From the Mothership: TRX programs BY TRX

It seems appropriate to start the search with the people who know the system the best. TRX has a series of extremely useful online resources and programs for those looking to become familiar with their new system or for TRX coaches seeking to improve their skills.

For customers or coaches who are using a TRX Suspension Trainer system such as the TRX Home2 or the TRX Pro4, here are a few original TRX programs designed for you.

TRX Suspension Training Basics

Marketed as a professional education course, this self-paced online program goes over the basic setup and foundational techniques of the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Comprised of instructional videos and an accompanying workbook, this program will prepare you to take full advantage of your system and maximize your personal results, or those of your clients.

Whether you’re new to the system or looking to refresh your skills, this course provides top-class professional-level education.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Effectively set up the TRX system in various environments
  • Use proper techniques and proper form to ensure safety and effectiveness
  • Learn how to modify techniques for less or more resistance
  • Both perform and coach basic TRX movements

Specialty TRX Programs

For those who have mastered the TRX basics and want to specialize a bit more, there are additional resources that provide unique opportunities to progress.

For those interested in sports medicine or injury prevention, the Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC) provides a valuable add on both personally, and professionally.

Yoga instructors who are interested in increasing their value and experience in a competitive teaching market, the TRX for Yoga (Digital Course) could provide you with an edge.

If you have purchased a more specialized TRX system such as the TRX Rip Trainer, there are workouts crafter directly to suit the product’s needs. The TRX Rip Trainer Workout: Leaner, Faster, Stronger is a great place to start. See here  for our more detailed list or TRX Rip Trainer workouts.

Other TRX Training Courses

Full-Body Suspension Trainer Workout Program on Udemy

In this exercise focused course on Udemy, students will be guided through 30 basic suspension trainer moves to be practiced with any suspension trainer. The course is broken down into workouts for the upper body, lower body and core, and provides a strong technical foundation on which to build assorted routines.

This course provides video demonstrations of each exercise through a series of lectures as well as a PDF document with descriptions and pictures. Suggested full-body workouts are also provided at the end of the series, allowing students to practically put everything together.

This program is an affordable option for anyone who wants to add lots of exercises to their fitness toolkit. Each exercise outlined can be used by beginners or intermediate suspension trainer athletes who want to learn new movements. It’s also a fantastic course for instructors or coaches looking for teachable resources to add to their curriculums.

Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution 2.0

Suspended bodyweight training expert Dan Long is renowned as a fitness coach and professional trainer, working with pro athletes and A list celebrities to help them get efficient results.

In his Suspension Revolution 2.0 program, Dan personally leads customers through 191 exercises and 27 workouts, promising results in 60 days (or your money back).

The 20-week program is broken up into three sections. A 4-week beginner suspension training foundations, 4-week intermediate exercises, and a 12-week advanced suspension training routine. Along with this base product, customers also get a load of bonus material from core-workouts to updated exercises to stay ahead of the game.

All of this for $24 USD. It’s an extraordinary deal for anyone interested in suspension training.


Buying your first suspension trainer is exciting. It makes you feel like the fitness world is yours to conquer, and it is. With your new TRX be prepared to have limitless creativity and enviable results. If you put in the work, these suspension trainer systems will deliver the fitness you’ve always wanted.

For anyone new to suspension training, these TRX training programs are a great place to get comfortable with your new system and start building confidence.

Once you learn the rope, you will be personalizing workouts, targeting muscles and modifying workout plans to suit your needs. You have to start somewhere, and with any of the programs above, you can’t go wrong.