If you’re contemplating skipping the gym membership and building a home gym instead, the task can seem daunting given the amount of equipment needed to truly get the most out of your workout. Dumbbells, barbells, benches, racks, and even all-purpose exercise machines- a home gym can quickly become an enormous task. With limited space, limited … Read more TRX PRO3 vs. TRX PRO4

Best TRX Extenders

TRX has revolutionized suspension training, making workouts more effective, more intense, and more versatile than ever before. With various TRX systems on the market to suit different needs, working out from anywhere has never been easier. Suspension workouts use bodyweight resistance combined with high repetition training to create high-intensity workouts for all experience levels. Developed … Read more Best TRX Extenders

BodyBoss Total Workout System Review

Suspension training is on the tip of every home fitness enthusiast tongue. Suspension training requires minimal equipment, minimal space and has been proven to deliver full-body workouts that are safe and effective. While the idea behind suspension training is simple- using a series of ropes and webbing to turn an athlete’s body weight against them … Read more BodyBoss Total Workout System Review

TRX Core Membership Review

TRX Suspension training continues to increase in popularity as the fitness community gravitates towards minimalistic bodyweight training that can be accomplished from the comforts of your own home. The TRX system provides a flexible at-home option, as well as instructors’ opportunities to craft their own dynamic and energetic environments in which they can use materials … Read more TRX Core Membership Review

TRX Systems and Weight Limits

For bodyweight fanatics who want minimal equipment and maximum results, the TRX Suspension trainer systems are worth a second look. With years of adapted technology and customer feedback, TRX continues to put out new products that people want. Suspension training systems such as TRX were developed to meet the demand of athletes that wanted more … Read more TRX Systems and Weight Limits

8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

With the TRX Suspension Training System, you can have intense and effective body-weight workouts anywhere. Through focused engineering and ergonomic design, these suspension training systems have become the industry standard. With a customer-centric business mindset, the products continue to become more user-friendly through the use of constantly evolving technology. For those who are already proud … Read more 8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

TRX S-Frame Review

TRX has become a one-stop-shop for recreational exercise enthusiasts as well as an increasingly viable supplement for elite athletes. Offering programs suited for all levels, TRX allows for self-paced progression and limitless creativity. New products are continually being put onto the market to keep up with customer demand. They evolve with the needs of the … Read more TRX S-Frame Review