TRX vs. Weight Training

You don’t have to look far to find someone willing to debate the effectiveness of suspension training systems such as TRX versus traditional weight training. The fitness field is full of strong opinions and case studies that lead many consumers on a winding road of competing views, with no resolved argument. And while more research … Read more

The 8 Best TRX Pull Exercises

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TRX Vs. Jungle Gym

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Best TRX Certification Online [2020]

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TRX Tactical Review

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TRX Kettlebell Review

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Stack 52 Suspension Exercise Dice Review: Adding Unpredictability to Your Routine

Suspension exercise dice, you say? What in the world is that? An interesting idea, before everything else. You could call it an exercise planner that doesn’t actually plan, or a social dice game with a whole lot of sweat. Regardless, it’s meant to add some unpredictability to your usual suspension exercise routines, whether you do … Read more