GoFit Gravity Bar Review: A More Affordable TRX?

Bodyweight training is retaking the world by storm. In these turbulent times when gym access is difficult (or even impossible) to get, more and more fitness enthusiasts are returning to the most tried and true of weights: their own bodies. But calisthenics (as the most popular form of bodyweight exercise) is a discipline that demands … Read more

TRX Home Gym- How to Setup a Killer Gym on a Budget

So you’re interested in a high quality, reliable, and flexible (both literally and figuratively) home workout system? Well, unless your goal is specifically weight training, chances are that the TRX system will meet all of your needs. But for such a simple-looking and portable piece of workout gear, there sure seems to be a lot … Read more

Bicep Curl TRX Alternatives—Big Guns, No Gym

An impressive pair of biceps has always been a sight to behold. In terms of demonstrating one’s strength, is there a more iconic image than a bicep flex? We don’t think so. Developing (and maintaining) a thick set of guns should be a common enough goal for anyone, whether they’re deep into the fitness game … Read more

TRX Leg Workout

TRX (standing for Total-body Resistance Exercise, or simply Total Resistance Exercise) is a unique method of training that uses the eponymous TRX Suspension Trainer—essentially a set of straps, bands, and grips. This has all been invented by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, and given the Seals’ reputation, the man knows his stuff. The idea … Read more

My Usual Routine with Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, in my opinion, is a wonderful and simplified approach to dieting. I’ve never felt more refreshed. Even though I hate to deprive myself of food (who doesn’t!), fasting for 24 hours, once a week at least, is something I very much look forward to. This is based on the Eat Stop Eat approach … Read more