8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

With the TRX Suspension Training System, you can have intense and effective body-weight workouts anywhere. Through focused engineering and ergonomic design, these suspension training systems have become the industry standard. With a customer-centric business mindset, the products continue to become more user-friendly through the use of constantly evolving technology. For those who are already proud … Read more 8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

Best TRX Racks

TRX this, TRX that. This system is fastly becoming the talk of the gym, and it’s not by coincidence. As more and more emphasis is put on calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training, people are starting to understand the benefits and ease of use these types of workouts bring. TRX training systems focus on suspension … Read more Best TRX Racks

TRX Rip Review

TRX has fast become a household name in functional fitness, putting products onto the market that are praised for durability, focused design and true-to-form results. Suspension training systems such as TRX were created to meet the demand of athletes that wanted more than just muscle gain and tone. They wanted functional strength that could be … Read more TRX Rip Review