TRX S-Frame Review

TRX has become a one-stop-shop for recreational exercise enthusiasts as well as an increasingly viable supplement for elite athletes. Offering programs suited for all levels, TRX allows for self-paced progression and limitless creativity. New products are continually being put onto the market to keep up with customer demand. They evolve with the needs of the … Read more TRX S-Frame Review

Everything You Need to Know about your TRX Door Anchor

Alright, you’ve purchased your first TRX Suspension Trainer system. Half the battle is complete! If you haven’t made the purchase, stop making excuses, and get on it. Now you have to decide where to use it with all the excitement, mobility, and flexibility. The TRX systems are designed to be used by anyone anywhere, and … Read more Everything You Need to Know about your TRX Door Anchor

Best TRX Training Programs [2020]

If you’re looking for a program that will help you accomplish your fitness goals while not having to dramatically change your lifestyle, the TRX system is designed for you. Suspension training is gaining momentum in the fitness community, providing the perfect balance of effective training and mobile and flexible routine. From high-intensity workouts to business … Read more Best TRX Training Programs [2020]

TRX Rip Workouts

Fast becoming synonymous with suspension training, the TRX systems are continuing to provide results for consumers looking for mobile, effective and functional fitness for all levels. TRX started with suspension training systems such as the TRX Home, designed to promote functional fitness anywhere with a bit of space. Suspension training, much like calisthenics, used bodyweight … Read more TRX Rip Workouts

8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

With the TRX Suspension Training System, you can have intense and effective body-weight workouts anywhere. Through focused engineering and ergonomic design, these suspension training systems have become the industry standard. With a customer-centric business mindset, the products continue to become more user-friendly through the use of constantly evolving technology. For those who are already proud … Read more 8 Must-Have TRX Accessories

TRX Yoga: Suspension Bands for Flexibility and Balance

The TRX suspension training system has turned out to be one of the most versatile pieces of gear that you can get. In one humble, easy to set up and transport package, you get a training aid that can help you with pretty much anything. Strength training? The TRX has you covered. Muscle growth? The … Read more TRX Yoga: Suspension Bands for Flexibility and Balance

6 TRX Exercises that Will Help You Develop a Strong Core

Whenever you hear people talk about core, you can’t help but think of washboard abs, or of that celebrity that seems like his six-pack was photoshopped on. And, while abs are a great side effect of working on your core, the real benefit is the stability that it gives the rest of your body. From … Read more 6 TRX Exercises that Will Help You Develop a Strong Core