Best Pull Up Bar & Dip Station – Top 3 Recommendations

With so many pull up bar dip stations claiming to be the best, it can overwhelming and stressful to identify the true winner. We have done the dirty work of going through feedback, reviews and complaints to identify the top 3 finalists to help you perform your chin ups, pull ups & dip variations with precision and safety of course.


The Top 3 Pull Up Bar Dip Stations – Rated by Consumer Votes

The pros

  • Can be moved around
  • Heavy and stable gravity
  • No damages to any part of the house
  • No complicated installation work
  • The dip bar – the best exercise from triceps and pecs
  • Padded dip bar also allows comfort for performing ab exercises
  • High enough to not bend your knees – greater range of movement
  • Can be used to hang suspension straps, punching bag, ab straps etc…

The cons

  • More expensive
  • Not portable to carry around
  • Consumes space
  • Should be placed on rubber, carpet or non slip surface to avoid rocking or wobbles

#1 150KG Adjusable Pull Up Bar Power Tower Home Gym Fitness Equipment

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Main features
  • Comfortable foam padded grips on Push-up Station, Pull-up and Chin-up Station, Tricep Dips Station & Sit-up Station
  • Can be used for horizontal bar & parallel bars pull-ups and leg push-ups, forearm flexion, push-ups
  • Material of durable steel pipe, quite safe and stable
  • Padded grips on all handles
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Load bearing 150kgs

Package Includes:
1 X Pull Up Station

Material: Steel pipe
Color: Black
Adjustable Height: 165cm-210cm
Size: (L) x (W) 75 x 82 cm / 30 x 32 inch (appr.)

portable dip station

#2 Dip Station Pull Up Bar Power Tower

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Main features

  • Rugged construction
  • Dumbbell Bench
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual stability
  • 6 level height adjustment
  • Safety lock nut: In order to prevent the nut from falling off due to movement or vibrations, we fit the nut with a lock nut.


Material: Steel Alloy / PU
Product Size: 220 x 74 x 235cm / 88 x 29.6 x 94in
Adjustable Height: 66″ to 94″
Max Weight Capacity: 330lb

Package Includes:

1 x Power Tower


  • Lacks the neutral grip bar for performing dips, neutral chin ups etc…
  • Height may be a disadvantage for low ceilings

#3 Adjustable Power Gym Station – Upper Body Fitness Strength Training Tool

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Main features

  • Multifunctional Pull Up Dip Station Power Tower Home Gym
  • 6 Levels Height Adjustment
  • The height adjustable range is 165-210cm.
  • Suitable for the entire family
  • Multi-functional Equipment – can used for pull ups, push ups,chin up, knee raise and dips, main training abdominal muscles, arm, back, chest, shoulders and leg muscles.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Sturdy
  • One Year Warranty

Material:Steel Pipe
Expanded size: approx. 980 x 750 x 2100mm/38.22 x 29.25 x 81.9inch
Load capacity: 300kg(600lb)
Weight: Approx. 14kg
Measurement Details in the attached picture.


  • Lacks the neutral grip bar for performing dips, neutral chin ups etc…

Customer Opinions

“Super fast delivery and very good decent material.” 30 Apr 2021 02:46
“Great tool, delivery less than a week” 27 Apr 2021 13:36

Safety always comes first. It’s no point investing on a cheap or expensive equipment if you are unable to use it due to a tragic or stupid injury.

Were you able to finally able to decide the best pull up bar dip station to fit your criteria? With all the time you spend on deciding on the best one, you could already be on week 2 of your workout routine – so act fast!