Alright, you’ve purchased your first TRX Suspension Trainer system. Half the battle is complete!

If you haven’t made the purchase, stop making excuses, and get on it.

Now you have to decide where to use it with all the excitement, mobility, and flexibility.

The TRX systems are designed to be used by anyone anywhere, and we recommend everyone take advantage of this mobility. It is what gives the TRX products a creative edge when it comes to home fitness.

Mounting your TRX system is something you should plan out a little bit, as achieving the best results with your program comes down to angles, space, and motivation. You want to make sure you’re setting up your trainer in an environment conducive to achieving results.

There are lots of ways to mount your new system (see this article on all of the different TRX mounts available) , but here in this article, we guide you step by step to become the master of the TRX Door mount, one of the most straightforward and most portable mounting strategies.

So let’s get going.

What is the TRX Door Anchor?

Requiring no drills and no permanent attachments, this door anchor just needs a sturdy door.

With the durable TRX Door Anchor, a padded head sits over the top of the door and locks the trainer in place. Closing (and locking) the door anchors the system securely.

This mounting option is perfect for taking your trainer on the road with you and is designed to not leave any marks or damage the door. Never again will you be able to hide behind the excuse of a business trip messing up your exercise routine. You’re welcome.

We’re going to go ahead and answer the question you might be thinking right now. No, it does not damage the paint or your door. After scouring through reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, complaints rarely arise that make mention of any structural or aesthetic damage to the door. Many customers prefer the door anchor to the other more permanent mounting options.

The TRX Door Anchor sells as an accessory item for $24.95 from the TRX online store or can be found in one of the many TRX bundles on offer (and often on sale).

Easy Setup of TRX Door Anchor

Let us hold your hand and walk you through the setup of the door anchor.

Step 1:

Inspect the door. It sounds a bit mundane, but we just want to make sure the door is sturdy, the hinges are secure, and the lock works. The last thing we want to happen is to be mid-workout and to have the door open on you.

As part of this inspection, try and find a door that opens away from you. This provides some added counter-weight and a more reliable anchor.

Step 2:

Set the anchor. Place the padded end of the TRX Door Anchor over the top of the door and slide it down so it’s close to the hinge. The closer the anchor is to the door hinge, the more secure the system. Make sure the anchor is not looped or twisted, and give it a gentle pull to make sure it’s set in place.

Step 3:

Make sure the door closes properly, and if possible, lock it. A locked door acts as an extra safety strap just in case the door wasn’t completely shut. Once the door is closed and locked, give the anchor another test by giving it a strong pull.  

Step 4:

Take the carabiner end of your TRX suspension trainer and clip it into the nylon loop of the door anchor. You are ready to start your training.

A quick video tutorial for the TRX Suspension Trainers can be seen here.

For those who are using the TRX RIP Trainer, there may be different recommended setups for various exercises. For some RIP exercises, the door attachment should be between 1 – 1.2 meters off the ground, making the top of the door a bit too high.

In this case, try and squeeze the door anchor through the door on the hinged side (if there is enough room), and close the door to secure it in place. You can see a quick video of that here.

Customer Reviews

It has been hard to find any negative reviews of the original TRX Door Anchor product. When searching for door anchors online from third parties, be aware of non-TRX products that may be poorly designed or made with cheaper materials. The original TRX product has proven itself to be reliable and sturdy, even with heavy use.

Other customers praise the speed of shipping and delivery, the useful setup instructions, and customer support. From vacationers to business people, everyone seems more than satisfied with the door anchor.

How to Use the TRX Door Anchor

Now that the anchor is set up, it’s time to get exercising. If you’ve already signed up for one of the many online TRX courses, you are ripe and ready.

For those caught up in the moment and in need of a bit of guidance, there’s a useful video going over a 4-exercise upper-body TRX workout on a door anchor, from setup to guided exercises.

If these four exercises aren’t enough for you, we applaud the tenacity. Check out the 15 best TRX exercises for beginners for a bigger and tastier challenge.


The TRX Door Anchor is a perfect addition to your new TRX system.

It allows you the ability to work out pretty much anywhere. Purchasing a TRX suspension training is a way of eliminating excuses and staying motivated. The TRX door anchor makes this goal even more achievable.

The TRX door anchor is perfect for those who enjoy moving their workouts around, those who are space-constrained, or those whose lifestyle dictates less geographical stability. And like all TRX products, you can expect robust design and tested durability to ensure your investment will be worthwhile. For us, it’s a no brainer.