A good structured workout routine is hard to find. It’s even harder to find one that uses suspension straps like the TRX. Look no further. You are going to find:

  • 4 week workout schedule, split into 4 days a week. This workout will help you burn fat & build muscle at the same time. You don’t need much equipment.  All you need is a suspension trainer + your body weight.
  • Learn the simple 2-second trick that can increase the resistance and difficulty of your workout.
  • You will also learn how to increase your chances of burning fat or building muscle with 2 simple tweaks to the workou..

What’s needed for this program?

Download & Print Your FREE TRX Workout Chart

** Each exercise should be done with a slow & controlled eccentric (2 to 3 seconds) and a fast concentric.

2-Second Trick to Increase Workout Intensity

Unlike weight training, it’s pretty challenging to increase the difficulty of each TRX or bodyweight exercise. There are a very limited number of movements to work with. What is the solution?

Here is a 2 second trick that can help you increase the difficulty of each exercise without breaking your head trying to figure which exercise is harder than a TRX Pull Up!

  • Add a 2 second hold to the stretch point of your movement. (If you take the TRX pushup example, your 2 second hold would be at the bottom position when you are fully stretched. Holding 2 seconds here would be very tough.)
  • Add 2 extra seconds to your eccentric phase. (Let’s take a TRX pushup for example. You are asked to perform a maximum of 7 reps, but you can perform 15 reps with ease. If you take 2 seconds to go down in your pushup, now you take 4 seconds) Trust us. It works.

Please note that you need to make sure it actually takes 4 seconds, and not 4 counts. You don’t just go 1-2-3-4. Doesn’t work that way. You need to go “1 Banana, 2 Banana, 3 Banana, 4 Banana.”

Saying Banana at a standard speed is equivalent to a second. You can change Banana to any word that takes a second to read.

Modify your Workout Program To Build Muscle

  • Rest: Increase rest by 30 seconds if needed.
  • Diet: Eat 13 to 15 times your body-weight in calories
  • Intervals: 2 interval training workouts per week to avoid fat gain. (Already included on leg days)

Modify your Workout Routine To Burn Fat

  • Rest: To burn fat, reduce rest by 30 second if possible.
  • Diet: Eat 10 to 11 times your body-weight in calories
  • Intervals: Add 2 extra interval training workouts per week to maximize fat loss (Try Complexes, Kettlebell Swings or Tabatas)

How to Get Results with Any Workout Plan be it Suspension Straps, Free Weights, Bodyweight?

  1. Visualize: Which body do you desire. Always visualize. Visualize how hard your dream body takes to be built. If you yearn to build a body like Ryan Reynolds, you have to work hard like Ryan Reynolds. There is no shortcut. Visualize and work on it!
  2. Structure: Nothing screams results like a properly structured plan. Businesses fail without a proper plan, so does everything else. Focus on a structured workout routine, a planned diet and stick with it. If you fall off the wagon, you can always climb back.As long as you live & breathe, there is always a second chance!
  3. Commitment: Commit to your plan. If you don’t commit, you will never see results. If your workout is a 4 week plan, stick with it till then end and give it your best. Don’t perform at 50% effort and expect 100% results. Life is not a fairyland.
  4. Monitor your progress: Always monitor your progress. If you are in the muscle building phase, monitor your body to watch out for fat gain. If you feel like you are gaining fat, reduce your diet intake by 100 to 200 calories. Monitor again. This level of commitment will get you amazing results in your business as well.
  5. Avoid the scale: Do not trust the scale. Your scale might say that you’ve gained weight, wheras your mirror shows how much you have actually lost. If bodybuilders relied on a scale to monitor their progress, they would be flooding hospitals as we speak!

It’s time to stop with information overload.

  • Make a plan.
  • Stick with a plan.

I got this quote from “Storks” the Animated movie. My son loves it, and I’m stuck watching it with him for the millionth time. Hehe.

We hope you get good results with the above workout schedule. Do not ignore it because it’s free. It’s our kind nature to not charge for this.


Your comments and queries are always welcome. So fire away 🙂