With summer around the corner, it might be a good time to add another tool to the calisthenic arsenal, such as our bodyweight workout course!

For those new to suspension training, the number of available options on the market can be overwhelming. To make life a little easier and decisions a little clearer, here we break down the Gymstuff G-Strap Pro suspension trainer.

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension training has been fine-tuned over the last thirty years, with more advanced engineered systems starting to appear in the 1990s. The concept, however, has been around for hundreds of years, historically referred to as rope training.

The idea of “suspending” your body above the ground using straps and ropes attached to overhead environments is proven to immensely increase core strength and flexibility while still working specific muscles. As the body has to continuously balance itself, this type of training is often used by fast-twitch athletes with exceptional coordination, such as gymnasts and MMA fighters.

Suspension trainer systems are designed with a few things in mind and catering to different consumers. Here we look at versatility, durability, usability and portability.

For those who enjoy versatility in their workouts, suspension training systems provide users with an effective and creative way to keep their routines dynamic and spark motivation.

As big believers ourselves in suspension trainers and resistance training alike, we recommend readers to give it a try. That being said, those new to this type of training can be bogged down by the number of options available for purchase.

Here we discuss the G-Strap Pro system, a great entry-level system that provides functionality without breaking the bank.

G-Strap Pro Review

It is important to note that many of the suspension trainers on the market are modelled after the TRX suspension systems, the flagship brand that catapulted into the market in the 1990s and 2000s.

These systems are exceptional, but as with most products of a certain market calibre, customers end up paying for the name. Alternate training systems have proven to be just as effective while providing needed relief to the wallet.


Like most suspension trainers, portability is a critical feature that allows users the option to move the system around to different environments. Reviews of the G-Strap product have detailed users moving their workouts out of the home gym to the park or local playground.

Easily packed into a small backpack, the G-Strap allows for geographical creativity, fresh air workouts, and functional training while travelling. Designed specifically for intermittent set-up and breakdown, the portability is matched with durability ensuring minimal wear and tear.

While portability itself might not be a distinguishing factor between the G-Strap and similar systems, the durability built around it is.


With the trendy rise of the TRX systems in the last 5 years, there has undoubtedly been a parallel rise of “knock-off” systems that sacrifice quality for a small price tag. At first glance, the G-Strap could carry similar assumptions, but we assure you this product isn’t without its durability.

Admittedly, it is not as high quality as some of the much more expensive TRX systems, but we invite users to ask if the dramatic price difference is worth the slight increase in quality. G-Strap products use high-quality fabrics for the straps and high-strength metal for the hooks and carabiners.

The G-Strap Pro boasts a heavier load-bearing capacity, making it a better option for those who are more advanced in their workouts and want to add additional weight.

Reviews of this product have shown the durability to exceed expectations for the price.

Some users have reported open stitching on the straps after significant use, an expected outcome if adjustments are constantly being made. All in all, consumers are happy with the durability of the G-Strap and G-Strap Pro products.


One of the big advantages to having a suspension trainer is it allows an athlete the opportunity to take their workout with them. As mentioned previously, the quality of the G-Strap product allows for regular break down and set up of the system, as well as durable attachments and straps. Going above and beyond this, the G-Strap Pro boasts a few features that increase versatility even more.

Door Wheel

This adaptable feature allows the system to be hooked up to any door, increasing the location flexibility of the product. The TRX systems have a similar feature, but many other brands do not offer a door wheel attachment. For those who travel, live with minimal space or move their home gym around often, this could be an important selling point.

Extension Links

The G-Strap Pro comes with extension links that allow for greater flexibility in different environments. These links allow you to not be limited by the height of the object you wish to set up on, whether it be a park tree or a piece of gym equipment. These extension links, like the base straps, are thick nylon (1.5” vs. industry standard 1”) and built for durability.


Creating a product that customers will be satisfied with and recommend to others is a priority for those companies who wish to stay on top of the market. As Gymstuff is a smaller company, customers should not expect the same amount of customer service as they might find in more expensive brands. Likewise, buyers have to be warier of warranties and return policies from third parties.

The G-Strap is cost-efficient in comparison to the TRX system, making it more appealing to beginner level users looking to get started. The G-Strap Pro also comes in assorted colors, allowing customers to choose their preference and find an option to make the home gym more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The product also comes with a user guide providing simple set-up instructions. Online resources can be found to get beginners started with simple exercises, some of our favorite resources are here and here.


While customers should not expect the quality of customer service of the bigger and more established TRX brand, the G-Strap Pro can provide a budget-friendly alternative that does not cheap out on quality.

The product is made in the USA, comes with setup instructions and necessary accessories (door wheel and extension links), comes in a variety of colors and provides portability and versatility in your workouts.

For those looking to get into suspension training while not wanting to invest a large amount, the G-Strap Pro is a great entry-level product that will exceed expectations.