If you’ve done your research on suspension trainers, you muscle be aware of the top brands in the market, the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT and the TRX. It has been a long debate on which brand is better, so we have decided to provide a detailed review with a comparison of both. It’s for you to decide which pair of trainers you wish to proceed with.

Training with suspension straps require the use of highly portable performance training tools that help leverage gravity and your body weight to complete 100s of exercises.

Asides helping you cover a wide range of varying exercises to diversify your training routine, suspension trainers will help build total body strength while challenging your core to reach your desired fitness goals. So, if you are looking to challenge yourself in ways you didn’t think where possible, suspension trainers serve as the perfect option to go for.

What Kind of Equipment is Needed for Suspension Training?

By default, suspension training is done using bands or ropes that hang from a frame or bar. However, within the training sector, there are several brands producing efficient equipment to better perform suspension training.

With several products popping up from different brands for suspension training like the WOSS trainers, two brands, Jungle Gym XT and TRX, maintain a higher advantage over the others, providing innovative equipment that helps ensure a better training session.

This article will explain the features of both products, giving you an insight into the advantages they have over each other to help you make a more informed decision. Before we dive into that, let’s discuss some of the benefits of performing suspension training.

Benefits of suspension training

Asides using compound muscle groups to help achieve a multi-planar body workout, suspension workouts will help you burn fats and build muscles simultaneously, unlike the isolation exercises.

Guaranteeing fast visible results, participants are more motivated to remain consistent with training, especially for those who are tired and bored of the traditional strength training tools, like weights.

Some additional features of suspension training are:

  • It helps to increase muscular endurance
  • There are a lot of different adoptions suitable for a range of fitness levels
  • Can be easily set up with zero expensive types of machinery needed
  • It offers fast progression and visible results
  • Can be adapted for a wide range of activities
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Exercises used such as the lunge, the press or the squat will be familiar to the client, but suspension training can offer an additional range of difficulty

Suspension training requires the use of special equipment to achieve a wide range of training routines. However, there are limited options for athletes looking for improved fitness with the TRX and Jungle Gym XT being at the top of the line. These equipment share some similarities and this makes it hard for newbie athletes to make a choice on which is best for them. Hence, we will be discussing the two set of equipment and what they have over each other.

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A Short Review of the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

It provides a really sturdy, split system suspension trainer to use mainly at home. Using your body weight for an incredible amount of workouts that improves the entire body, this training equipment uses a split anchor that gives you the ability to easily adjust your body force by changing its width.

Its design makes it possible to perform several workouts with the ability to target specific muscle groups while helping you improve core strengths, muscular power, and flexibility.buy jungle gym xt suspension trainer

The key advantages

The lifeline Jungle Gym XT’s straps provide you with an unlimited amount of workout options with the ability to target specific muscle groups in your body. This makes it a lot easier to notice progress and increase motivation. Some benefits of this suspension trainer include:

Its Split Design: Featuring a safe, non-scuff Duro-Link anchor, you get full control, providing you with the ability to adjust your body force by simply changing the gear’s width.

High Satisfaction Levels: This device provides high value for every dollar spent buying it. Featuring ergonomic non-slip handles, Industrial suspension straps, a great foot Cradles, Secure and adjustable inline buckles, and two industrial suspension straps (8 feet each) to say a few, these straps provide a whole lot of features which makes it possible to perform a wide range of workout routines with ease.

More Training Variety: The Jungle Gym XT comes with exercise poster and DVD, tons of YouTube videos, and separate attachment points to give you more training variety. It’s very high quality ensures you can do any exercise that you can think of with a TRX or rings. The DVD it comes with provides you more workouts for additional Lifeline products to give you huge value for your money.

Two Attachment Straps: Coming with two attachment straps that can be easily mounted on a tree, you can get two people using the same straps at once with single arm/legwork. This makes for a more fun and competitive session.

Tip: For only 4.99$, you can buy a set of door anchors that will allow you to set up the Jungly Gym XT on any door you want. As these are non-scuff door anchors, they won’t leave a mark on your doors, they leverage the pressure created by closing the door.

Where Does the Jungle GYM XT Beat the TRX?

  • The JGXT provides a cheaper training option compared to the more expensive TRX which gives you a more expensive unit. It’s also a more mobile option that gives group class instructors, home exercises, gym owners, people who travel and don’t mind the space it takes up, and those who like to train outside with easy attachment at their chosen training area.
  • Asides its cheap and portable nature, the JGXT uses a split anchor design that makes it possible to channel your training towards certain muscle groups by simply adjusting the equipment’s width. This gives you the ability to perform almost any type of workout you can think of.
  • It comes with a 3 level workout poster + a 12 online workouts. These will give you enough exercises to workout for at least a year.
  • Another advantage of its split design is that you can have a friend workout with you with just one set of equipment. All you have to do is perform single arm or leg workout. Suspension training is more fun and competitive this way.

Why is the TRX system Better?

The TRX comes with a super efficient mobile app that provides you a wide range of extensive workout to help you work out anywhere, anytime. This equipment also features some of the toughest, yet light Suspension Trainer.

The device also has a 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program in its TRX FORCE Super App that is updated with new routines and features on a regular basis. This ensures you never run out of ideas for training.

Now that we have covered the main advantages and competitive benefits of both the Jungle Gym XT and the TRX suspension trainer, which one do you choose?

Have a look at our TRX comparison chart for more information on the range offered by TRX.

As always, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.