Hi, it seems you are trying to figure out how to install a pull up bar without a door frame. We have a few solutions for you in such a scenario. You can go with a wall mounted or free standing pull up bar. They both have their pros and cons. You can learn more at our post on the best pull up bar dip stations rated.

Pull Up Bars without Door Frames

It all depends on how much $$ you are willing to part with. If you have an open budget, we would recommend a ceiling mounted or free standing bar. If you are short on budget, we would recommend you take a look at the wall mounted version, or suspension trainers with a wall hook.

No Door Frame Alternative 1- Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

This is the most common solution. It does, however, require to fix a pull up bar to the wall, usually with screws.

These are the best wall mounted pull-up bars:

No Door Frame Alternative 2- Hallway Pull Up Bar

This is our favourite solution.

If you have a hallways that’s not wider than 50 inches, you can actually use an extensible doorway pull-up bar. Instead of locking in the door frame, you can set it to lock into the hallway walls.

Please note that you’ll need an extra long doorway pull up bar. According to our experience, the ones listed below are the best performing hallway pull up bars:

(length: 50 inches)

(length: 52 inches)

No Door Frame Alternative 3- Power Station

Finally, if you have the budget and space, we recommend going for a power station.

This will allow you to do a wider variety of exercises and is the sturdiest and safest solution. Our favourites are outlined below: