Is your home workout routine getting a bit repetitive?

Are you looking for some back and bicep strengthening routines that don’t pull ups?

Do you want to learn some great pull exercises to really make the most of your TRX?

You’re in the right place!

If you’re looking for some great pull exercises to try out with your TRX, we’ve got it sorted. Many of these exercises will target a range of muscles, including the core, but many of them predominantly target the back muscles and the biceps.

Incorporating these moves is a great way to keep your muscles active and your workout regime fresh.

8 TRX Pull Exercises

1.    TRX  Resisted Torso Rotation

This movement is really great for targeting the lats but also works the abs and obliques very effectively.

Set up your TRX anchor above you. The TRX should be at about mid-length. Step away from the anchor, with the anchor at your side, and place the foot closest to the anchor in front of you. Grab the TRX with both hands, keep your spine straight but rotate your shoulders to lean away from the anchor. As you pull back up again, straighten out.

2.    Muscle Up

You’ll probably have heard of people performing the muscle up on a pull up bar. This variation, using a TRX, is great and really targets the back and shoulders. If you are looking for a pull exercise that will really challenge you, this is definitely a good one.

To perform this exercise, start out with your arms straight out in front of you holding the handles. Lean back until you are sat on the ground. From this position, you are aiming to use your legs as little as possible as you stand and pull in with your elbows. From here, press your arms down until you return to the starting position.

3.    Reverse Fly

This is a classic move that should not be missed from any pull-based TRX workout!

Begin by holding onto the TRX handles, with your legs and arms straight out in front of you as you lean back. A good way to think about it is that your body should form a straight line. Move your hands out to the side as far as possible as you pull your upper body forwards so that you are standing up straighter. Ensure that you keep your legs in the same place and your hands at the same height. Really focus on your form to get the back muscles to work here.

4.    Bear Hug

If you are looking to make your work out more challenging, the bear hug is a really great exercise to add in.

Begin in the same position as you would for the reverse fly. Rather than pulling your hands apart, cross them over one another as you pull in and then uncross them as you lean back again. Don’t forget to swap which arm you cross in front of the other to prevent muscle imbalances.

5.    TRX Power Pull

If you’re getting a little tired of performing inverted rows, the power pull is a variation that can really freshen up your training routine.

To perform the power pull, start by standing one or two feet away from the anchor. Hold both straps in one hand and pull them in towards your chest. Stretch your other arm in front of you as far as possible and touch the strap. Take the outstretched arm away from your body and rotate towards it so that your body forms a T shape. From here, retract the shoulder blade, bend your arm and pull yourself back to the starting position.

6.    Preacher Curl

If you’re looking to really work your biceps, this is definitely an exercise that you should be incorporating.

Again, you will need to start in a leant back position with your arms and legs straight out in front of you. However, ensure that your palms are facing upwards against the handles. From here, bring your hands towards your head and focus on keeping your elbows stable so that the movement is in the biceps.

7.    Single Arm Bicep Curl

If you’re well experienced with preacher curls, another great pull exercise to work those biceps is the single arm bicep curl.

Adjust the TRX to mid-length and stand to the side of the TRX straps. Hold onto the TRX handles with the arm closest to it and ensure that your elbow is raised slightly above your shoulder. Lower your body to the floor to straighten your arm and then use that arm to pull yourself back to the starting position.

8.    Overhead Wall Squat And Slide

If you are looking for a pull exercise that can target multiple areas in the body, this is an awesome one.

Again, begin with the strap at about mid-length. Stand with your feet just over a shoulder’s width apart, the TRX anchor in front of you and your hands in the handles. Your hands should be raised up and outward so that your body forms a Y shape. The TRX handle should be against your wrist and you need to keep your shoulders pulled back. Get into a deep squat position and stand back up. Just after you have returned to standing pull your arms down until they are bent at the elbow and then raise them to return to overhead. The slower you complete this move, the better.

TRX Pull Exercises You Might Not Have Considered


As you probably knew, or will certainly have learnt in this article, the TRX is a super versatile piece of equipment. Since it is super important to switch up your exercises to really target your muscles (as well as to prevent boredom) this is a hugely positive feature.

With that said, we hope you enjoy adding these moves to your workout. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it and if you’re interested in taking it to the next level, consider taking a TRX course or certification.