With the TRX Suspension Training System, you can have intense and effective body-weight workouts anywhere. Through focused engineering and ergonomic design, these suspension training systems have become the industry standard. With a customer-centric business mindset, the products continue to become more user-friendly through the use of constantly evolving technology. For those who are already proud owners of one of these systems, or for those who are looking to purchase their first suspension trainer, we have put together a list of must-have accessories to make your TRX trainer ever more versatile than it already is.  

From anchoring to extra resistance, TRX makes it easy to continue to adapt your workouts and goals while not having to buy a whole new system. For beginners who want to learn the basics, or experienced TRX’ers who want to continue to progress, there are countless online resources available to keep your routines fresh and creative. 

Here we go through some of our favorite accessories, and why they are beneficial.

TRX Foam Roller or TRX Rocker

Muscle recovery is a vital aspect of a proper workout routine, and with the TRX programs, your muscles will need all the help they can get. With the TRX Foam Roller, you can make sure to incorporate deep tissue therapy into your routine. Made of high-quality polypropylene, this foam roller is built with a focus on durability and structural consistency. 

If you wanted to level up your foam rolling game, the TRX Rocker was designed to be the ultimate tool for those in need of recovery and cool down. It has a three-intensity level design to promote blood flow and circulation for all athletic levels. To learn more about how to use this creatively designed accessory, watch this video here

Suspension Anchor

With a standard TRX system, you have everything you need to add to a home gym by anchoring on standard gym equipment or existing wall mounts. If you wanted to take your workout outside to the local park or playground to enjoy the fresh air, you might want to get ahold of a suspension anchor which accommodates anchor heights of 7-9 ft. 

This suspension anchor adds versability and portability to your TRX system and can be used with or without a TRX Xtendr.

TRX Invizi-Mount

This subtle yet powerfully designed mount is perfect for those who have to share or repurpose small spaces such as a home office or living area. This small wall mount can be attached to a load-bearing wall anywhere in your home. The best part is that when you are done with your workout the TRX Invizi-Mount can double as a hanger for a picture frame or piece of artwork. No one except you even knows it’s there.  

Resistance Cord (Light to XX Heavy)

If you are the proud owner of a TRX RIP Trainer, you can up your game with an add-on TRX Resistance Cord of varying calibres. The following resistance cords are available for the RIP system.

Lite: 15 lbs resistance

Medium: 20 lbs resistance

Heavy: 25 lbs resistance

X-Heavy: 38 lbs resistance

XX-Heavy: 50 lbs resistance

Having cords that vary in resistance capacity allow for versatile workouts and various fitness goals. It also allows the system to be shared amongst family members. Light resistance is perfect for stretching, balance and physiotherapy. High resistance can be used for muscle gain, building strength and progressing your routine. 

TRX Battle Rope

If you’re ready for an added workout challenge that will make your heart jump out of our chest, and you have the space to do it, be sure to purchase some TRX Battle Ropes. These 30-50ft ropes provide a wildly effective core workout that is sure to challenge even the most rugged of athletes. With non-slip rubber grips designed for sweat and a 1.5” diameter that won’t fray, these ropes are built for comfort and durability. Adding these sweat machines to your repertoire will take your routine to the next level. With plenty of workouts available online, you will never have to do the same one twice.

Door Anchor

For those who are unable to have a permanent home gym setup, or who are travelling with work and still want to maintain a routine, the TRX Door Anchor allows for convenient portability. Designed to sit comfortably over any solid door, the door anchor ensures there is no unwanted damage to any door it is used on. Workout with confidence anywhere!

TRX Online Resources

Whether you have just purchased your first TRX system, or you are a pro looking to shake up your workout routine, TRX has great online programs to fit even the most specific of needs. Online courses are available on a wide variety of topics, including:

– Suspension Training Basic

– Flexibility Workouts

– Military Training Workouts

– Golf Workouts

– Yoga and TRX Fusion Workouts

– Endurance Athletes Workouts

A complete list of TRX online workouts can be found here

TRX Education Card

Trying to find a TRX buddy? A good workout buddy is a prized accessory, but they can be difficult to find. Why not convert a friend or family member by giving them the gift or a hassle-free trial. TRX offers a unique Education Gift Card which allows the recipient to attend a live one-day TRX course anywhere, anytime. And it never expires. If you have a friend or family member that is impossible to buy for, this could be a cool and transformative gift they would appreciate. 


TRX is an effective training system for those interested in calisthenic workouts, resistance training and fitness on the go. As a company that is continuously evolving to keep their customers happy and engaged, you will learn to expect a product that grows with you. Standalone training systems such as the TRX Home2, TRX Tactical, TRX PRO4 and TRX RIP Trainer all come with setup instructions and the basics that are needed to get you going.

Adding on accessories such as the ones listed above will help you to personalize the training system to your home, office or backyard, and will take your TRX training to the next level.