In today’s fast-paced world, mobile fitness is in high demand. Many young people struggle with the balance between work, exercise and family as financial pressures continue to mount. Products that encourage independent fitness are being readily made available, and those that are limited by time, space or finance have more options to maintain exercise routines.

The TRX Suspension training system is one such set of products created to take workouts on the go with minimum equipment.

They are simple, efficient and they yield impressive results. From setting up a home gym to taking your core workouts to the local park, TRX has products designed for every level of need.

For those who have recently purchased one of these suspension trainers, or for those who are considering acquiring one, the next step is to find a perfect anchoring spot and create a productive workout environment.

If you need a flair of creativity to spark your setup, in this article we go over some of the best (and creative) ways to anchor your TRX system in your home or outdoors.

Where to Anchor your TRX System?

Before we get into specifics, let’s look at some useful dimensions. First of all, anchoring height should be ideally seven to nine feet off the ground to allow for proper angling for exercises. In order to ensure that you have enough room around you, it is also recommended to have an obstruction-clear space of six by six feet minimum. The more space the better.

Once you find the proper space, it’s time to think about anchor points. If you are using a mounting system (we will cover some of these later on), make sure to test your anchor point well before starting your workouts.

So let’s get into it, and talk about some useful TRX anchoring setups.

 Door Anchor

A favorite among TRXers, anchoring your system to a door is simple, effective, and incredibly portable. It requires no drills or permanent attachments, and any sturdy door will do the trick.

With the durable TRX Door Anchor, just place the padded end over the top of the door, close and lock it, and voila. This anchoring option is great for taking your system on the road and is designed to not leave any marks or damage the door.

Picture Frame Invizi-mount

Trying to surprise your partner with your fitness goals? If you want to hide away your TRX habits or maybe have a small, shared multifunctional space, the TRX Invizi-mount is similar to the U-Hook as it can be attached to any load-bearing wall, and doubles as a picture frame when not being used.

It’s easy to install, simple in design, and a durable nylon attachment is there to keep it inconspicuous.

 Ceiling Mount

If you have a dedicated space for your home TRX and you want the ultimate flexibility for your workouts, installing a ceiling mount is a preferred option. It will take a bit more work, but having a more permanent installation can not only provide internal motivation but also spark conversation and act as an accountable reminder.

Installing the TRX XMount is easy to do, and provides peace of mind knowing it’s stable, it’s strong, and it’s able to be used with any TRX program.



Not for the faint of heart! If you want to build a home gym that will be the envy of your neighbourhood or give your friends the chance to do group workouts, you can aim big and install a TRX Multi-mount system in your home gym.

These products are designed to be used commercially in gyms and other facilities, but as they range in size and price, some are plausible for a heavy-duty home gym. If you’re like us and dream of the perfect calisthenics home gym, these are a fun addition.

Creative Outdoor Ideas

Having covered some home gym TRX anchoring options, let’s now talk about how to take your workout outside. After all, the mobility of the TRX products is one of the biggest selling points.


Why not make the most of structurally sound objects in your local park. Playgrounds normally provide strong overhead mounts that can be utilized by most TRX systems. If it’s a busy park, head there on off-peak hours to access most space.

Tree Branch:

Our personal favorite. Find a strong tree with the desired overhead height (7-9 feet) and attach your system. Space, sun and fresh air make any workout more productive. Depending on the type of tree, it is sometimes beneficial to add a protective layer for the wrap, such as a towel or foam piece to protect the tree and your nylon attachments.

Lifeguard Stand:

If you live close to a beach, there is no better environment to set up your TRX system. Ask if you can make use of the local lifeguard stand, the soft sand and the ocean breeze to maximize your workout. Who knows, maybe the lifeguards will join you for a set or two.

When doing outside workouts, there are a few additional things to keep in mind.

First of all, don’t be deceived by the “lack” of sweat in comparison to your home gym.

The airflow and humidity vary drastically in outdoor environments, so use your effort as a metric, not your sweat. Another thing to consider is making sure you have everything you need for your workout (and more). Be prepared by packing an outdoor workout picnic complete with water, a towel and post-workout snacks.


Good luck continuing your search for your perfect TRX environment and remember that switching things up can be a great way to stay motivated.

Use the portability of the TRX training systems to your advantage, and discover new places to workout.

Whether you’re on a business trip, quarantined at home or anxious to get out in the sun, there are always creative and effective ways of anchoring your TRX system.