TRX has made great breakthroughs in revolutionizing the fitness industry when it comes to suspension training. Most gyms now include suspension training as part of their itinerary, which you wouldn’t have been able to witness 10 years ago. Very common excuses to skip a workout – the gym is too far, expensive or crowded, and I don’t have equipment or space to work at home, I travel too often and I cannot find proper equipment wherever I am staying, are now obsolete. TRX made it difficult to use any of the excuses above because of its compact size and ability to let you workout from ANYWHERE.

If you have made the decision to buy a pair of trx suspension trainer straps, you may be confused between the different types of TRX trainers out there, the TRX GO, TRX PRO, the TRX HOME and so on. If you continue reading, you can find out what the differences to help you decide on the ideal TRX model for your requirement. To keep things easy, we have put all the comparison details in a simple table format.


The TRX PRO Explained If you notice in the table, the TRX Pro is the most comprehensive and durable product from the 3 suspension trainer models compared. It has thicker straps, with an Antimicrobial grip for frequent usage. This is ideal for use at gyms, or by personal trainers as it has the capacity to handle long usage. It also is the bundle that includes the most accessories including:

  • TRX Suspension Trainer PRO3
  • Free Acess to the Official TRX App for 1 Year
  • Barrel Lock Adjusters
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Anchor for door
  • Xtender
  • Carry Bag

This is a great product for both your home gym and for traveling as it includes a carry bag and a host of anchoring and extension solutions, allowing you to set it up pretty much anywhere: Trees, beams, outdoor bars, etc. Check Price at Amazon

The TRX HOME Explained The TRX Home suspension trainer provides the same function as the PRO package, but with fewer workout guides, lighter straps and dense foam grips for comfort. This model is ideal for home gym use. You can trust your life on these straps as the quality is still strong and durable, but just not as thick as the commercial PRO model. The TRX Home comes with:

  • TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer
  • Free Acess to the Official TRX App for 1 Year
  • Anchor for door
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Mesh Carry Bag
Check Price at Amazon

The TRX GO Explained We were just as confused as you were when we found out about the GO model, but it slowly hit us. The GO model is mainly designed for frequent travelers. The straps are much lighter than the HOME model and they come with few workout guides. The ankle straps are not adjustable either. Overall, the GO model of the TRX comes with the most minimal features of a TRX. The straps are still sturdy and can withstand 350lbs, but they can feel much lighter and thinner than the HOME and PRO models including the steel carabiners – almost like it’s a replica, but it’s NOT. One of the complaints we’ve noticed with the TRX GO is that the foam grips absorb sweat and the smell doesn’t go off easily. With all the different brands of suspension trainers coming into the market, TRX decided to release their own version of straps to match the competitive prices. You still get access to the TRX app with all the wonderful workout combinations to follow. Check Price at Amazon

If you are not interested in the brand per se, but prefer to own a QUALITY pair of suspension trainers for HALF the price of the TRX GO but meets the quality of the TRX Home, check out our recommendation below. It comes with all the perks and more.