TRX Suspension training continues to increase in popularity as the fitness community gravitates towards minimalistic bodyweight training that can be accomplished from the comforts of your own home.

The TRX system provides a flexible at-home option, as well as instructors’ opportunities to craft their own dynamic and energetic environments in which they can use materials and workout programs to offer a professional routine. 

What is the TRX Training System?

The TRX training system was created in 1997 by US NAVY Seal Commander Randy Hetrick, who wanted to provide his fellow Marines (as well as himself) effective, high-intensity workouts anywhere.

These programs have evolved and grown over the last 20 years and helped shape mainstream fitness trends in which customers with varied goals can achieve progress with minimal equipment and a flexible schedule.

TRX systems are durable, minimal, and portable.

As the TRX movement continues to expand, there is a greater need for TRX instructors to help the community grow with the product. Like any great product, sustainability comes through community support, and you are only as successful as your biggest fans make you out to be.

As the suspension trainer products become more and more advanced, so progresses the effort by TRX to help grow and support their fitness community.

TRX suspension trainer systems, along with other products of similar design focus on functional strength or exercises to improve the day-to-day movements.

As part of functional fitness, the emphasis is on balance, mobility, and endurance in addition to strength. The results of functional fitness exercises have been proven through varying studies of all age groups, young to old.

TRX Core Membership

The TRX Core Membership program was launched in 2013 in an effort to create a subscription service for avid TRX users and instructors to have updates and supplemental resources made readily available for consumption.

While the core vision largely remains the same, the offerings have been updated and changed to cater to customer needs.

As a TRX Core member, these are the benefits currently available upon signup.

Additional Resources

As a TRX Core member, you are delivered continuous new content to keep yourself updated on new systems, new exercises, and new ways of improving customer engagement.

While most TRX professional development is provided through the TRX academy, Core members enjoy supplemental resources that complement teaching philosophies integrated into all TRX professional programs.

While the TRX Core member program is not exclusive to TRX instructors, much of the information provided in this service is most useful for those teaching the courses and pushing the brand forward.

Member Discounts

TRX Core members enjoy a 30% discount on TRX products and discounts with partnered institutions in various industries. It’s a small welcome to the fitness industry, which has broad reaches and networks.

Access to TRX Ambassador Program

As a TRX Ambassador, retailers and individuals can collect a commission for various TRX products they sell in-house or as an affiliate. Earning commissions on the products allows the opportunity to continue to provide your customers with the most up to date equipment while not having to invest in expensive rental gear.

It also will enable coaches who occupy the digital space to maximize their efforts and influence and create a commission-based income.

Events, Partnerships

After signing up for the TRX Core Program, members receive exclusive access and updates to VIP Core Member events and newsletter updates on community initiatives. As TRX is also widely connected in the fitness industry, members also get access to partnership discounts and events that allow them to grow and network through different facets of the industry.

How Much is the TRX Core Membership Program?

The TRX Core Membership program is offered as a subscription service, which is priced at $19.95 per month at the time of writing.

Who should purchase the TRX Core Membership Program?

The Core Membership program delivers timely and updated content to members who partake in the academy’s relative educational content.

This means that as a TRX Core member, the more academic content you immerse yourself, the more additional material you will get.

The TRX Core Membership is designed to keep current TRX Instructors on the cutting edge of fitness trends and maximizing their confidence and comfortability in the program.

While much of the free content offered through the TRX blog is aimed at consumers of the products, the TRX Core Membership focused on helping instructors achieve more success in their personal development.

As a TRX trainer that is also a Core member, you will also gain more exposure to potential clients through the TRX Trainer Directory. TRX Core Members are ranked highest among trainers in this directory in an attempt to provide customers with the most up-to-date instructors and products.

In addition to additional fitness resources such as workouts, new exercises, and coaching philosophies, TRX Core members will also have access to business-oriented resources, which will help them grow and maintain their clientele and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changing business strategy. For trainers who rely on the entrepreneurial aspect of the TRX program, the Core membership can help them achieve and sharpen their edge.

Summary of the TRX Core Membership

For TRX Instructors looking to stay relevant in the industry or grow a personal business using the TRX brand as a tool, becoming a TRX Core member is an excellent way of progressing through the system.

With plenty of additional resources to keep your fitness programs up-to-date, as well as business advice to achieve successful customer acquisition, Core members can give themselves a much needed competitive advantage.

On top of the digital resources available to keep instructors progressing professionally and personally, the TRX Core

Membership also provides access to real-time events, partnership programs, and the TRX ambassador program to increase cash flow and provide better customer service.

In many ways, the membership itself will pay itself off quickly when all of the benefits are properly used.