TRX has fast become a household name in functional fitness, putting products onto the market that are praised for durability, focused design and true-to-form results.

Suspension training systems such as TRX were created to meet the demand of athletes that wanted more than just muscle gain and tone.

They wanted functional strength that could be used for anything from combat to sport-specific training. More importantly, they wanted this to be portable, with an ability to pick it up and move it wherever you need. For professional athletes on the road, soldiers in the field, or even globe-trotting businessmen, TRX has created a set of mobile products that have satisfied their customers’ needs and more.

But it doesn’t just stop with the flagship TRX suspension trainer. With a laser focus put on core functional strength, TRX came our with the TRX RIP Trainer, a “unique mix of rotational resistance, core stability, and coordination training”.

This weighted bar and bungee system improves range of motion, increases core strength and improves balance. From elite athletes to physiotherapists, this program is a secret recipe to efficient results.

So what is the TRX Rip Trainer and is it right for you?


 What’s Included

 It’s sleek, durable and compact, the perfect recipe for location-flexible. When you purchase the TRX Rip Trainer you receive the following:

  • A two-piece weighted bar with comfortable rubber grip. Designed for portability, the two-piece construction does nothing to sacrifice durability.
  • One medium resistance bungee cord (20 lbs resistance). Additional cords can be purchased as add-ons. Resistance cords range from light to extra heavy, creating versatility for all types of workouts.
  • Safety Strap to attach to your body and prevent a loss of the bar during training.
  • Nylon Door Anchor. This heavy-duty attachment allows the TRX RIP Trainer to be attached to any solid door making your home gym as mobile as you are.
  • Instructional guide with set-up instructions and example exercises.
  • Convenient carrying bag.
  • Free one-year TRX app subscription. Unlimited resources, exercises, workouts and training. This free subscription is only guaranteed if the product is purchased directly from TRX online store. The TRX online store also promises hassle-free returns making it easy for customers to give the system a try without the pressure of commitment.

What should I use the TRX RIP Trainer for?

The TRX RIP Trainer was designed specifically as a companion product to the TRX suspension trainer, but the two can be used completely independently to one another.

The focused design of the RIP Trainer is on core stability and strength while increasing cardiovascular endurance. Exercises are unique and fun, making it effective both as an add on to your existing training or as a focal training program. Regardless of whether you are a beginner just starting out, or an experienced athlete branching out, the TRX RIP Trainer will be an effective tool for certain needs.

Before purchasing one of these products, set your training goals. If your goal is to build muscle, lose weight and get shredded as fast as humanly possible, this program might be best as an add-on to a more intense and rigorous exercise routine. If your goal is to build flexibility, functional strength and core stability, this program should be your main focus. It’s design suits this specific purpose.

Types of people who will benefit most from TRX RIP Trainer:

  • Beginners looking to increase core strength and build functional fitness.
  • Elite athletes trying to build flexibility and increase rotational movement.
  • Specific athletes (golfers, motocross athletes, hockey players) who want to target specific movements.
  • Those in need of physiotherapy or injury rehabilitation.

What are customers saying?


The reviews of the TRX RIP Trainer are mostly positive, with most customers being thrilled with the durability and quality of the product, as well as the effectiveness of the program.

As many purchase TRX products as a supplement to their mobile lifestyle, the review constantly praise the design as being compact, lightweight and moveable. Having the added ability to move your workout outside if a huge benefit for trainers and recreational users alike.

With versatility being an essential part of any effective workout routine, the TRX systems allow for infinite creativity. With resources such as the TRX App or many others that can be found for free online, customers are elated and uniquely motivated at their ability to continue to create fresh routines and fun workouts.

Besides its functionality, this versatility puts the TRX RIP Trainer ahead of the pack.


Like any great product, there are always improvements to be made, and a survey of customer reviews will shed light on some downsides.

A common warning by customers is to not expect much from the DVD instructional guide that comes with the trainer, saying it is sub-par to the quality of the product itself. The good news is that regardless of the included setup instructions and exercise list, there are multitudes of online resources to fill the gap.

Another complaint by some is that the included medium resistance cord is not challenging enough. For those who are experienced in suspension training, or just naturally strong, it would be worth it to look into purchasing a heavier resistance cord. These are available on the website and can be added on to your order.

Word of Warning

TRX RIP Trainers that are purchased from third parties may not include all listed items in this article. There may also be knock-off versions of this product that customers are being misled into purchasing. Be sure to research the product carefully and buy either directly from TRX, or from a reputable third party. Customer reviews that complain of defective design or poor durability often are a result of a fake product.

Purchasing directly from TRX will qualify you for customer support, hassle-free return and warranties, and proper instructions to avoid misuse and potential damage.


The TRX RIP Trainer has been shown to be an effective program for those with the goal of building core strength and stability, increasing range of rotational movement, and targeting sport-specific needs.

It is a great program for beginners interested in building good foundational strength, or experienced athletes looking for another tool for their workout arsenal.

The price tag may be higher than other competitor products, but remember you pay for quality, reliability and customer support.