TRX has become a one-stop-shop for recreational exercise enthusiasts as well as an increasingly viable supplement for elite athletes.

Offering programs suited for all levels, TRX allows for self-paced progression and limitless creativity. New products are continually being put onto the market to keep up with customer demand.

They evolve with the needs of the movement.

One such need has been the expansion of the commercial affiliates, where centers are beginning to offer TRX led programs in their facilities.

To stay ahead of the growing demand, TRX offers consulting services, customizable solutions for differing facility sizes, as well as pre-designed products that provide a useful venue with minimal setup.

The TRX S-Frame is such a product.

Designed with group training in focus, the S-Frame can accommodate up to 22 TRX Suspension Training systems as well as various other hanging exercises that trainers may wish to incorporate into their program. Here a few of the notable specs:

  • Made of commercial-grade steel
  • Durability allows for indoor or outdoor training
  • Freestanding to enable portability and ease of setup
  • Available in varying length and dimensions to suit facility needs

The S-Frame comes in two height models, the standard (8’3’’ tall) and elevated (9’tall) models. The elevated model includes overhead monkey bars in the initial setup.

This product is available in 5’ increments up to a 30’ maximum length, so facilities can adapt the design to open space.

Included in every model are integrated Dip and Hammer bars.


With the TRX S-Frame set up, various accessories can be added to increase the value and versatility of your offerings.

Included attachments on the S-Frame are designed to accommodate any TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer, bands, battling ropes, and various heavy bags or hanging exercises.

For facilities that want extra mobility due to limited space or creative workflow, heavy-duty TRX castors allow the entire system to be rolled as one unit.

Who Should Buy the TRX S-Frame?

For trainers, coaches, or physiotherapists who want to offer their customers a state of the art product, the TRX S-Frame takes the stress out of providing versatile and professional offerings. Just like a construction worker would never be caught without his toolbox, a fitness professional should never be without their instruments.

Not only does the S-Frame provide a professional look to the facility, but customers can take note of the companies dedication to safety and effectiveness. Designed to be space-efficient without losing functionality, the S-Frame could set your business apart from the competitors.

For gyms and centers looking to increase their non-due revenues, having a product like this can open up a steady stream of new classes, energetic instructors, and creative routines. From boutique fitness centers to franchised facilities, the TRX S-Frame is a perfect starting point to expand your offerings.

Form Follows Function: Examples of Functionality

Not convinced yet? Sometimes, it can be hard to conceptualize the S-Frame functionality without a more in-depth look. Below, we go through a mock TRX S-Frame group training circuit to show you how effective the product can be for your facility.

Station 1: Battling Ropes

Attach TRX Battling Ropes to a TRX Xtender and run it around the base of one of the S-Frame legs. Battle ropes will extend away diagonally from the S-Frame, providing ample space for the athlete.

Station 2: Dips

Using the dip bar attached to one end of the S-Frame, athletes can be doing this exercise facing away from the middle of the frame and with plenty of unobstructed space.

Station 3: Pullups

Using the S-Frame triangular ends, attach a pullup bar to the end and create an active pullup station.

Station 4: Heavy Bag

The TRX S-Frame provides ample overhead space to easily attach a punching bag station for your group workout. The bag can be easily put up or taken down in between circuits to allocate space for other exercises.

Station 5 & 6: TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

While all of the listed stations are going on using the exterior portion of the S-Frame, the middle sections are free to be used for an assorted number of TRX exercises.

This is truly where the TRX system flexes it’s creative muscles, as trainers can implement a wide variety of activities into one single workout routine. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out a straightforward list of 10 TRX exercises, all of which can be done on the S-Frame.

With ample space on both sides of the S-Frame, exercises can be strategized to maximize space efficiency and accommodate as many athletes as possible.

Additional Station Ideas: Bodyweight and Accessories

The TRX S-Frame (depending on size) is limited to a maximum of 22 suspension trainers at one time. Sure, this may sound adequate, but for those who dream big, there is plenty of room for expansion.

Developing a TRX workout routine for large groups means making use of exercises that don’t involve the S-Frame. Stations dedicated to bodyweight exercises are easy to improvise and highly effective. Fusing together kettlebell routines with TRX can provide fun and effective stations that don’t take up S-Frame space. And don’t you dare forget about those core exercises that should be part of every workout we do.

Check out this video for a fantastic rundown of the functionality of the TRX S-Frame, and how you can incorporate it into group training at your facility.


For facilities whose goal is to increase their non-due revenues, or to add incredible value to their membership fees, purchasing a TRX S-Frame to vamp up your facility space might be the perfect move. For self-employed personal trainers or physiotherapists seeking a competitive advantage, getting ahold of one of these systems will leave an impression with your clients.

The TRX S-Frame is mobile, efficient, and stays true to the TRX vision of versatility and durability without compromising functionality. It might be the investment to take your program to the next level.