Not moving around much these days, huh? Yeah, we hear you.

Some things can’t be helped, but that doesn’t mean that you still won’t need to get your daily quota of movement.

Staying mobile is always good, not only for the body but also for the mind. But even if you live in a place big enough to pace around in, that is likely to get just as dull as it is ineffective.

Luckily, it’s been proven that quicker bursts of extreme effort are almost universally better than long, drawn out cardio sessions.

You can do a series of intense rounds, work up a sweat, and get on with your day. And it just so happens that a slam ball is the perfect training aid for that kind of activity.

Slam Balls: What’s This All About?


Slam balls are heavy, durable exercise balls, generally made out of a hard but pliable rubber and often filled with sand as well as air.

As their name implies, they have been designed to withstand regular, strong impact with hard surfaces.

What sets them apart from wall balls or medicine balls is their heaviness and relative lack of rebound. In order to make these babies moving, you’ll really need to put in the effort.

A slam ball workout will not only hit your abs, shoulders, arms, glutes, quads, and back, but also make you sweat buckets. It’s one of the best (yet relatively overlooked) ways of exercising out there.

The idea is also incredibly simple: you lift the ball and slam it against a surface (most often a floor) at full force. You then retrieve the ball, preferably via squatting, then repeat. It works, though more variations exist than one can list.

Although slam balls are admittedly better suited for outside sessions, the aforementioned lack of rebound means that they can safely be used inside as well, though you’ll need a fair bit of room.

Just make sure to properly protect the surface(s) you’ll be slamming them against. Or you know, take it outside for 10 minutes or so.

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The TRX Slam Ball: What Makes It Stand Out?


Other than the all-black design, the first thing you’ll notice is the hard, tire-like surface. This aggressive texture makes the TRX Slam Ball incredibly easy to hold and handle, even with sweaty hands.

This is by all means a good thing, but may lead to some unpleasantness for those with sensitive palms. As always, it can be somewhat mended by wearing gloves, fingerless or otherwise.

The second thing you’ll notice when you try to bounce it: the ball will fall dead.

This is why the TRX Slam Ball is often recommended for cardio routines, as you will have to squat or lower yourself in order to pick it up every time.

Some slam balls minimize the bounce. This one kills it.


The diameter of the ball is actually adjustable via pumping more air into the vent, which actually won’t affect the (lack of) bounce.

The ball is very durable, though you should—as with any slam ball—refrain from bouncing it vent-side down, just to be sure.

Though if you do feel like it and something goes wrong, the TRX Slam Ball comes with a yearlong warranty, just in case something goes wrong.

And (because we’re all different) the TRX Slam Ball comes in six variants: from 6 to 25 pounds (2.72 to 11.34 kilograms).


The Ups and Downs of the TRX Slam Ball


More ups than downs for this one, so let’s go over them all.

The Good:

  • The external rubber shell is very durable. This one won’t damage easily.
  • The tire-like surface makes gripping easier, no matter how drenched in sweat you may be.
  • The diameter may be easily adjusted by inflating or deflating the ball.
  • No bounce whatsoever.
  • Different variants depending on your needs and preferences.
  • In case you somehow do manage to render it unusable, there is a one year warranty.

The Bad:

  • Not everyone will enjoy (or even be able to bear) the tire-like surface.
  • Some have reported sand escaping from the ball, though this may simply be a faulty product. But again, that’s what the warranty is for.

The Verdict: Get it or Not?


It is a solid slam ball that does everything a slam ball is supposed to do. The fact that it comes from a well-known company like TRX is an additional plus.

One additional (and unlisted above) minus with workout gear like this is the difficulty of getting it to work within your own home.

Remember, the ball is hard and heavy, and may over time do serious damage to your exercise surface. You can protect it of course, but that requires additional investments.

On the other hand, if you have access to a yard or an already prepared home exercise area, then this is a no-brainer.

Our Rating: 4.7/5