For bodyweight fanatics who want minimal equipment and maximum results, the TRX Suspension trainer systems are worth a second look.

With years of adapted technology and customer feedback, TRX continues to put out new products that people want.

Suspension training systems such as TRX were developed to meet the demand of athletes that wanted more than just pure muscle gain. TRX systems focus on functional strength adaptable to sport-specific training and daily exercises.

TRX also developed an unmatched portability value to appease a broader demographic of people, making all of their products lightweight and easy to transport.

For professional athletes on the road to hotel-hopping business people, TRX has products to satisfy most customers’ needs.

In this article, we go through each TRX Suspension trainer system, outline their main functionalities, as well as their respective weight limits.

TRX Home2 System

The TRX Home2 is an original design geared for beginners or intermediate TRX’ers looking to get all resistance training benefits. It’s designed for anyone to pick it up and take it with them on the road.

Full-body workouts have never been easier or more portable- and the TRX Home2 gives you all of it, anywhere.

The TRX Home2 system is the flagship suspension trainer and a TRX bestseller.

It’s fully adjustable to fit any body size and helps customers build more muscle, increase flexibility, and burn fat through easy setup and effective workouts.

The tested weight limit for the TRX Home2 System is a maximum of 350lbs.

TRX Pro4

For anyone who is TRX obsessed, it might be time to upgrade to the TRX Pro4.

This suspension training system was released using upgraded materials and components more apt to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

While it can be used by anyone interested in TRX, it was designed with advanced athletes in mind who need a more durable product that will hold up with more frequent use.

The TRX Pro4 has an additional locking carabiner system for extra safety, an option to anchor using extenders, and more durable rubber handles instead of dense foam. The added durability adds on an extra half pound of weight, yet still only clocks in at 2 pounds total.

The tested weight limit for the TRX Pro4 is a maximum of 350 lbs.

TRX Tactical Gym

The TRX Tactical gym was designed with one main goal: to create a more robust, lighter suspension training system that can take an absolute beating.

Developed for military use, the tactical gym is built to be used in harsh conditions and withstand added transport and frequent use.

Like the TRX Pro4, the TRX Tactical uses runner grips that last longer and allow anchoring points utilizing an extender. Instead of the barrel lock length adjusters on the TRX Pro4 and TRX Home2, the TRX Tactical instead uses aluminum D-ring adjusters designed to be lighter and more robust.

The foot cradle is also oversized so that those big military combat boots don’t get stuck. Unlike the other models, the TRX Tactical is UV resistant, designed to be used outside in hot conditions if necessary.

The TRX Home2 weighs in at 1.5 lbs. The TRX Pro4 is 2 lbs. The Tactical comes in at an impressive 1.2 lbs and comes with a drawstring backpack for more technical transport.

The tested weight limit for the TRX Tactical Gym is a maximum of 350 lbs.


One of the older TRX systems, the TRX Go was designed for frequent travelers or those who need an ultra lightweight product to carry around. This product is made with speed and convenience in mind and can be set up in less than 60 seconds.

Similar to the TRX Home2 system, the TRX Go has dense foam handles and comes with two anchoring solutions (door mount and single anchoring point).

For anyone looking to get their first TRX system and take it with them wherever they go, the TRX Go was designed with you in mind. Similar to the TRX Home4 system, it clocks in at 1.5 lbs.

The tested weight limit for the TRX Tactical Gym is a maximum of 350 lbs.

TRX RIP Trainer

Unlike the other suspension trainer systems by TRX, the TRX RIP Trainer used a weighted bar and bungee system to create workouts designed to increase core strength and maximize flexibility and mobility.

The TRX RIP Trainer was designed with more sport-specific movements in mind and has become a unique product used by professional athletes in various disciplines.

It takes rotational movement and functional strength on the road, with the same portability as the other TRX systems.

Read more about the TRX RIP Trainer program here.

The TRX RIP Trainer system comes with various resistance options, all recommended for different body weights.

Lite: 15 lbs resistance – Recommended for individuals between 80-110 lbs

Medium: 20 lbs resistance – Recommended for individuals between 80-110 lbs, or anyone looking to develop foundational strength with the system

Heavy: 25 lbs resistance – Recommended for use by athletes over 150 lbs

X-Heavy: 38 lbs resistance – Recommended for individuals with a stable core and a weight over 165 lbs

XX-Heavy: 50 lbs resistance – Recommended for athletes with a stable core and a weight exceeding 210 lbs

The tested weight limit for the TRX RIP Trainer is a maximum of 350 lbs on all straps.

Which TRX System is Best for You?

Choosing an ideal TRX system comes down to personal fitness goals, current fitness level, and body style. For those looking for a durable product that will allow maximum progression, the TRX Pro4 or TRX Tactical might be your best option. For anyone starting at the beginning and hoping to build foundational strength while maintaining a flexible routine, the TRX Home2 or TRX Go might be the one for you.

Finally, for those who have a fitness goal based more on flexibility, mobility, and core strength rather than serious muscle gain or tone, the TRX RIP Trainer can provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.

While all TRX systems are tested with a maximum deadweight limit of 350 lbs, customers who are taller, bigger, and stronger might find more durable and flexible models (such as the TRX Tactical, the more suitable option.