It probably goes without saying that you’re here because you’ve been searching the internet looking for a great-quality suspension trainer.

You know the benefits of working out with a suspension trainer and you’re excited for the versatility of movements that it will allow you to work on not to mention the strength that you’re going to build… but you have no idea which to pick!

If you want an honest comparison of two of the leading suspension trainers, you are in the right place.

It’s likely that you’ve heard a whole lot about the TRX range which is renowned for its high quality and its ability to provide a great workout on-the-go. Jungle Gym by LifelineUSA, on the other hand, is a little less well known but a lot more affordable.

So how do the two suspension trainer brands really compare?

Here’s a quick look:

In this article, we are going to compare the two across these several key factors so that you can be well informed before making your decision:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Functionality
  • Use Outdoors
  • Durability


The most obvious difference when comparing the two brands at first glance is their price. You can get a jungle gym suspension trainer for just over $70.

The TRX range, on the other hand, begins with the TRX Home2 priced at around $170 and goes all the way up to the TRX Tactical at around $220. Whether or not you want to spend that bit extra on your suspension trainer will depend on how you feel about the following factors…


Something to consider is the type of handles that you want on your suspension system. This may seem like a small issue but it can really effect a workout. The Jungle Gym and the TRX offer different styles of handle, each with their own benefits to suit different people.

TRX actually owns a patent on their handles, so you won’t find any other suspension trainer with the same handles. And if you do, it won’t stay in the market for long.

While the handles on the Jungle gym are hard and sturdy, the TRX handles are more pliable and spongier.

The TRX tactical and the TRX pro have rubber handles whereas the TRX home’s handles are made of foam. Foam is definitely not the best material option for handles since it tends to absorb the sweat whilst you are working out and can also disintegrate over time.

When choosing between rubber or hard plastic, though, it is really up to your preference. Some people find the softer material of the TRX more comfortable whereas some like the support that they feel is given by the plastic of the Jungle Gym’s hard, non-slip handles.

Another thing to take into account when considering the material that makes up the two trainers is the strap that works with the handle.

The Jungle Gym has a harder adjustable strap whereas the TRX has a more flexible material strap. Both are equally strong but, if you are looking to perform more gymnastics-based calisthenic movements, you will likely find the added support of the Jungle Gym easier to work with.


Both of these suspension trainers will allow for an awesome versatile workout. You can attach them to a door or a tree or pretty much anywhere you like… They’re quick and easy to set up and to adjust as well as being easy to use.

It might take you a little longer to get used to working out with the Jungle Gym because it is comprised of two separate straps, that can be joined, rather than being one system like the TRX. In this way, it is also slightly more difficult to set up the Jungle Gym because it’s more difficult to a single, narrow point like a tree branch.

Here’s a look at the jungle gym system:

On the other hand, though, the Jungle Gym’s separated design offers a significant benefit over the TRX.

Because it comes in two parts which can be connected but are not made connected, using the Jungle Gym suspension trainer gives you more freedom in your movements.

You are able to expand your range of motion by attaching one to one place and the other to another which is great for movements such as the cable chest fly.

You are also able to more easily switch up your exercises by making the straps further apart or closer together.  This allows you to adapt exercises according to your strength level.

Use Outdoors

Of course, a lot of people look to buy a suspension trainer because it will allow them to work out wherever they are and, often, to work out in the great outdoors!

Whilst both of these trainers will allow for a great, versatile workout, it should be noted that the Jungle Gym will not pack up as compactly as the TRX. Because it is made of harder materials, it is a little more bulky.

If you are incredibly active and need a suspension trainer that you really can take everywhere, you are best looking into the TRX Tactical. Read more about this here.


Both of these suspension trainers, as suspension trainers should, can support a huge amount of weight and will last an incredibly long time without being worn down. The only place where the Jungle Gym shows more wear and tear than the TRX range is in the fact that the clips, which can be used to tidy up the slack material, begin to stop working after a while. This isn’t a feature that is necessary to have a great work out but should still be noted.

TRX Vs Jungle Gym

So there you have it… Both of these suspension trainers really are awesome pieces of kit with their own unique benefits.

If you’re looking for a compact trainer to move around a lot with, the TRX Tactical is great. However, if you are just looking for a great-quality suspension trainer that you won’t be taking away on huge trips, you really can go for either the Jungle Gym or the TRX.

The differences will only be in the details. If you prefer softer handles and aren’t bothered about having separate straps, you should go for the TRX. If you prefer harder handles or the flexibility of being able to adjust your suspension trainer a lot, the Jungle Gym is great.

This just goes to show that price isn’t everything when looking into your gym equipment!