With the rise in demand for suspension trainers, TRX was all the noise. Then came the respectful alternatives, one of which was WOSS Attack Suspension Trainer, distributed by WOSS Enterprises LLC.

Best Alternative to the WOSS Trainers

It was a great product with many positive reviews in a number of platforms. It made quite a big noise in Amazon.com as well.

They made a variety of different models, such as WOSS Titan Pro, WOSS AttacK Trainer, WOSS 3000 Equalizer, WOSS 3000 Stable, WOSS Military, WOSS Elite and many more.

Common Features of the WOSS Trainers

  • WOSS Professional grade System – Made in the USA, using 1st Grade US Military Webbing.
  • Rubber Sleeve Grips usually only found on $200+ Trainers.
  • All WOSS Trainers are strong enough for anyone working out with them!!
  • The Center Strap goes through our WOSS D-Ring which makes this Trainer more instable than other systems out there.
  • The black Military Anchor Strap with built-in Door Anchor is perfect for tree trunks, branches, rafters, open beams, even a door.
  • Take it to your local Gym and anchor it to their bar – fast and easy.
  • Each handle is made with 3/8″ black cord, 1-3/8″ Rubber Sleeve Handle and with a 1-1/2″ wide soft foot loop for easy and comfortable support.
  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet demonstrating 18 exercises to get you started right away.

Since mid of October 2017, WOSS trainers cannot be purchased. They have been made unavailable from the market.

WOSS Enterprises recently lost a patent and trademark infringement case against the makers of TRX suspension Trainers. They were forced to be a large sum of over $6.8 million in damages. With a huge amount to bear, we highly doubt that WOSS will be back anytime soon.

It’s actually kind of sad as their packages covered all aspects including workout guides, exercise manual and more. Very few have come close to match the same price range of quality.

Yet, you don’t have to worry about this because there are many other WOSS trainer alternatives in the market.

We’ve recognized a few decent alternatives that match or are better in nature. You can learn more at our page below: